the sound of owls
the sound of owls owl stories

rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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it was full moon that night and i stepped in the owls' territory..

the sound of owls

it was full moon that night

feeling dizzy from the alcohol i chugged down i took a walk around but apparently i went out of sight

just until i sober up i thought, i wandered alone

i like it quiet so i kept walking further away until only my steps were being heard through the silent forest

it was a full moon but it suddenly got dark i could no longer see where to place my feet

and only the way back was filled with light i got curious so i took another step forward

hoo hoooo i heard

i'm in the owls' territory i thought i kept walking ahead

hoo hoooo the sound doubled, tripled, no, more, i lost count

i looked up and a pair of golden jewels met my sight ''so beautiful'' i said and the hoots became screams

i turned my head in the direction of those strange sounds

right and left and from all directions

the owls surrounded me

are they chasing me out, i stepped back yet the screams got louder

i stood in my place, the screams died down

suddenly i heard wings flap and bushes rustle i could see nothing but i knew some owls have made it home

now the sounds were no longer hoots, nor were they screams

they became growls, low pitched honks, some even sounded like barks

and i knew i'm no longer welcomed...

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