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rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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You cut and blood flows Blood flows and it’s relief you feel The filth will be washed away by the blood that is shed

A ceremony to cleanse your soul A medium is needed, the medium is your body What is a mere body in front of the greater grail

So you cut again and again

Then a numb feeling takes over your wrists and mind A tingling feeling that slightly burns your cuts

But it soon grows into an imaginable pain that surges from your wrists to your whole body

But that is a price you must pay To atone for the sins you committed To throughly cleanse your soul

So you take it up yourself to bear it

Now you’re wounded and you’re in pain Yet you hide your wounds and pretend it doesn’t hurt You cover them up and get them out of sight

But not seeing them doesn’t mean they’re not there

The wounds have yet to heal and the pain has yet to leave

So the pain becomes the usual Something that is always there Something indispensable

Something so important that when it’s gone You would slice open your wrists again.

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