A dream
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rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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What if it’s not a dream

A dream

Sleep surges in to my eyes step by step

My lids cower at the sound of the night howling

And loose to the temptation of dreams

I find myself in a room as dark as the night

As silent as the dead

I look around but there’s nothing to see

I try to move but something is weighing me

Feeling the cold of metal around my ankles

The sound of clacking at the slightest movement

The heaviness of a chaine that locks my freedom

I reach my hands to free my legs but it’s too heavy it won’t budge

I call for help

Nothing but echos meet my voice

I put my hands together and pray

Pray to leave this deserted place

Pray to open my eyes and abandon this dream

I’m hopeless, I’m scared, I’m cold

I’m cold?

How come I feel cold if it’s just a dream

Now amidst my prayers i pray for it to be a dream.

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