The Ocean And The Sky
The Ocean And The Sky diffrence stories

ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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Someone seeing two diffrent things and wondering how it is possible that they fit together so well.

The Ocean And The Sky

As I fly forward, I stare at the passing waves.

The white foam suddenly forms as the wave crashes.

As I go farther into the blue vastness of the ocean, the ancient boulders start to shrink,

Until there was nothing but blue.

The sky and the ocean seemed to compete with each other, both showing their unique beauty with their very similar colours.

The ocean with its liquid allure and pleasant smelling foam.

The sky with its infinite blue, splashed with fluffy white clouds.

They danced with each other, like a forbidden love.

The ocean gently moving at its own strange rhythm.

The clouds, carelessly floating in the sky.

As I drift, floating in between the pleasant feeling of what possibly could be, True Love.

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