The Hope
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ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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A poem of having Hope. Even though things get hard, we'll be able to make it through. We'll get stronger, we'll have each other's backs.

The Hope

The Hope I feel that you'll be alright,

Gives me Hope that I'll win my own fight.

This fight inside my broken Heart,

Broken, because we're Apart.

I'll never let you Fall,

Every day and every night, I'll give it my All.

Just to know that you'll be Happy.

I have this Hope,

I know that you'll be able to Cope.

But I'm not that sure about myself,

Every time I see your photo on my Shelf.

My Heart is Broken,

Because I know my feelings will remain unspoken.

I'm going to miss You,

Because my days are going to be a colourless hue.

But there's this Hope in my Heart,

That tells me, even if we Part.

You're going to be Okay.

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