Solivagant sad stories
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ruru Horror fanatic and gamer
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A poem of a Night I experienced. My friends left me alone and I wandered the streets, looking for something meaningful, but found nothing.


I'm walking through this busy street,

Passing by these thousands of Strangers.

I try to get my friend to his Feet,

Warning him of the possible Dangers.

But my words fall on deaf Ears,

They continue to fall into Oblivion,

This is the beginning of my Fears.

They are lost, being pressed against a wall of Obsidian.

I don't want to be Lost,

Because at the End, I know the Cost.

I am Alone in this crowd of Strangers.

All of them, Familar Faces,

Their eyes replaced by empty, Blank Spaces.

It's like walking on Broken Glass,

When you try to live your life that Fast.

The faster you go, the deeper the cut.

Your eyes ars trapped when you see her strut.

I push these Temptations away,

This is the last place where I want to stay.

Even though I am surrounded by so many people,

My attempts to get out are Feeble.

Because I am still Alone.

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