Respect to the man who loved to know
Respect to the man who loved to know rip stories

rufaida too lazy to finish writing
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I just can't take it anymore. So I wrote even after deciding not to write initially.

Respect to the man who loved to know

It's been 9 days since we heard the news. I didn't want to write anything as I am not a fan of movies let alone bollywood.

My knowledge is restricted by watching the trailers and listening to the songs. But due to the back to back remakes I stopped even doing that.

Yet, somehow I know Sushant since he started starring in Pavitra Rishta. I remember watching its trailer as a child and the first thought crossed my mind was this guy is something.

I watched him throughout his journey from TV to movies. His debut in Kai Po Che or his mesmerizing performance as Dhoni in MS Dhoni. There were times it really felt he was Dhoni.

I remember there were times I saw his face after mentioning Dhoni few days after watching the biopic. The first ever film that left me happy even after the hero didn't get the girl was PK.

All thanks to Sushant's dazzling appearance. This man was such a talented person who would make you relate to the character no matter who he was playing. I always admired him.

I better not call myself his fan as I never really took care of his schedule till it came on TV . But he was one to catch my attention every time he appeared.That smile that made you feel refreshed every time without failure.

I regret not watching his films after dhoni,not following him on insta cause maybe that was the support he needed.

I knew he was a genius from the first as I admired him for being one of those rare educated talents of bollywood. I have been researching a bit and learning who he was.

It's a regret Bollywood lost him.I've always been positive of life but at a time I was about to commit suicide .

While writing the note just one knock on my door brought me out of daze to realize what a mistake I was about to commit.

I feel so sad thinking maybe when he was thinking about taking this decision maybe just one phone call could have changed his mind. I feel so down thinking he didn't even leave a reason.

It's as if the world doesn't even deserve to know why Sushant grew tired of it. All I can say is I'm sorry man for not supporting you when you needed.

Sorry for not knowing you when you were here like I know you after you are gone. You are that one celebrity whose death caused me such disdain even after more then one week has passed.

I feel so regretful for not knowing the scientist, the engineer,the curious child that lived under the shadow of stardom . I am sorry.Rest in Peace Sushant singh Rajput.

I hope you are happier where you are.

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