Cavea Thoracis
Cavea Thoracis self-esteem stories

rudyskaggs most of this work is old I suck less now
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April 2015.

Cavea Thoracis

by rudyskaggs

I was born a criminal of convention,

harboring twenty-four tiny fugitives in the space between my spine and sternum.

The malformed malefactors brazenly reach forth

from my core, free from the fetters of normalcy.

Completely encased in my own insecurity

I dwelled eternally incarcerated, held captive in a cage comprised of ridicule.

And you came to me smiling brightly,

a beacon toward freedom in my most bleak hour.

Your little unapologetic fingers

traced those secret ridges of me, your lips daring to graze the forbidden; my personal abominations, offering them unconditional absolution for their felony of existence.

You granted me long-awaited amnesty,

and the bars that surround heart are no longer comprised of shame, just calcium and collagen.

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