Grave: the Undead Superhero part 9
Grave: the Undead Superhero part 9 fiction stories

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the news story has become national news. Ben and his alter ego now have to deal with the reality of being known by the entire world.

Grave: the Undead Superhero part 9

Ben did not know what to expect when Lilly got home from the station. He waited and waited for hours until he finally heard the sweet sounds of the front door jingling open.

Lilly walked through the door and straight past Ben. She had a face that was covered in anger and frustration.

She reached her kitchen and pulled out a carton of Turners tea that she poured into a glass. She gulped down a glass and a half before she said anything towards Ben.

All while Ben was begging her for information about him plastered on the news.

She looked at him with fire in her eyes and said "what did you want me to do Ben?

They wanted the footage after a suspect was killed in a gun fight last night! I did not have time to edit you out of it believe me or not. This is mine problem and your problem now.

You are over here dragging me into this mess. Now everyone thinks I saw a ghost and captured it on camera.

Some people are calling you other things like the devil himself, an angel, or even the angle of death.

" Her tirade of anger finally settled down so they could have an actual conversation instead of a shouting match.

Just as Ben was about to respond to her the front door bell rang. Ben hid in the living room and was ready to teleport just in case someone burst into her house. "Who is it", Lilly asked.

A nice old lady's voice shouted from behind the door, "It is Mrs. Wilson next door. I wanted to bring you over a casserole I made for you after what I saw on the news," said the elderly lady.

Lilly opened up the door and welcomed her into the front doorway but not anymore than that or else Ben would be spotted.

"Thank you very much I could use a nice home cooked meal for myself," Lilly said with thanks. "It is no trouble at all. I was just worried about you since what you saw last night.

Did you get a good look at that thing? People around town are scared of it. What if it shows up in our houses next? On my way over I heard shouting, is everything ok here?" she said.

Lilly smiled and said, "everything is fine. Don't worry about me I will be ok.

You just heard me venting, it was a long day at work with talking to a bunch of reporters and my higher ups about the incident.

I really can't talk about what happened but I will say that thing saved my life. The man was armed and would've shot me.

I couldn't see where he was and he had a clear shot of me," Lilly responded with.

Mrs. Wilson looked at Lilly for a second before she responded to her as she was puzzled by the demon creature helping her.

"I am still very worried about what we saw on Channel 4 yesterday Lilly. No matter if you thought it was helping you or not, I would never trust it.

Those things are terrible and terrifying," Mrs. Wilson responded with advice.

Lilly nodded her head and sent Mrs. Wilson along her way home across the street. Ben walked into the front hallway and asked her about what the papers wanted from her.

"They wanted the usual stuff, my information and viewpoint at the scene. They wanted to know what was on my camera footage and what I saw myself. I just told them I saw what everyone else did.

Except I told them that without you I might not be here right now," Lilly said while looking at Ben.

She gazed into his blue eyes for a second longer than normal and carried on back into her kitchen. She opened up the casserole and offered it to Ben to share.

They both dug into their dinner and enjoyed the chicken casserole. It was covered in gooey cheese that was amazing taste for the chicken added into it.

After that both of them noticed how late it was after a long afternoon of conversation.

Finally, Lilly was so exhausted from work she passed out on the couch next to Ben as they both watched the news on the angle of death in Pittsburgh, they titled the story.

It was covered non-stop all day and was on world news tonight as well. That is when Ben knew he was officially famous.

He turned the TV off and picked Lilly up and started towards the stairs. Lilly wrapped her arms around Ben as he got to the steps.

He took her up the stairs gently as she stayed asleep the entire way. He laid her down in her Ben and left the room with closing the door behind him.

He walked towards the front door and saw the grandfather clock behind him read midnight. He stomped his foot on the ground and his entire uniform and scythe showed up out of thin air.

"Angel of Death or not, the Grave is coming for you," Ben said as he opened and closed the front door of Lilly's house behind him.

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