Grave: the Undead Superhero Part 8
Grave: the Undead Superhero Part 8 fiction stories

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the legend and whispers around town continue to spread as Grave is turning more and more into a celebrity.

Grave: the Undead Superhero Part 8

Lilly sprinted towards Ben as he just taken the life of this man hidden behind the dumpster. She asked him why he did it, and Ben wasn't so sure.

"Something had me do it, someone wanted me to do this," Ben replied to her questioning. Lilly had fear in her eyes as she looked at a man that didn't seem like someone she knew anymore.

"He was going to shoot you. I had to do it," Ben tried to explain his actions.

Lilly called in for medical attention for the deceased man as other police cruisers pulled up with their lights making the dark ally glow blue and red.

"You have to go, go now!" Lilly convinced Ben to leave as he teleported to the top of the nearby building.

He looked down but felt no shame in his actions. It needed to be done. He would have hurt her and I know it. He had to be stopped before anyone else got hurt, Ben thought.

He watched the emergency vehicles pull up to the dead man and they couldn't do anything, the man was gone and Ben already knew this.

Ben teleported to Lilly's place to hide from anyone that might turn up at his place, like his mother. Ben showed up in her living room where there was a couch that had his name on it.

He laid down and fell asleep since it seems like he hadn't slept in ages. He woke up in the morning and wondered around the house calling out for Lilly.

He looked outside and did not see her car in the driveway.

He did not know what to do so he decided to stay in fear of being caught at the station. He watched TV all day with the news on.

"Tough day for this local family as they lost their son to a violent murder downtown last night.

It is unknown who did it but he was reported dead on the scene," the reporter on the television said. Ben immediately thought that they were talking about the man he killed the night before.

The news report went onto say, "the man was burned in extreme heat after what police say a drug deal went bad."

Ben leaned up from his slouched position to listen closely to the news report. Following that report was a breaking news segment that popped up on the screen.

"Breaking news right here on channel 4, Last night an officer was in a shootout with a gunman by ending his life. It is unknown if anyone else was involved or not.

Police will be releasing the camera footage that was recorded on Chief Lilly Scott's person at the time of the shooting," the reporter continued.

Ben got up and out of his chair extremely concerned from what will come out of the footage.

Will he be on the footage? Will they get the wrong recording? Will they alter it? Ben was very worried for what the city and world might see next come across their screens.

The news went to commercial break and each one created more and more tension in the room for Ben. Finally, the news comes back on and they open up with more to the story.

"Finally, some more from that story we told you about before break.

We attained the police body cam footage from Chief Scott and this is what it shows as we will watch this for the first time together.

As you can see Chief Scott opening fire down the dark ally towards the man behind the dumpster. What is that? Um...There seems to be a man that showed up behind the dumpster right now.

Oh my, his eyes are glowing.

What is that? We are not sure who or what that is behind that man, oh my God there are flames on a scythe of some sort, what is that?

Ok folks we are having some technical difficulties right now with that video but we will make sure to show that to you later today,

" the anchor on the television had a voice that trailed off as Ben was just exposed to the world.

Well maybe he wasn't exposed as back from the dead but the Grave was now public knowledge to the city of Pittsburgh and to the world.

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