Grave: the undead Superhero Part 2
Grave: the undead Superhero Part 2 comics stories

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Ben is put into further unusual circumstances as he chances after "the Dealer". The story only gets darker and more deadly from here.

Grave: the undead Superhero Part 2

1 Week Later...

Ben walks down the brown steps in the front of his house. He gets onto his black police car with the yellow decal that says "Pittsburgh Police" and gets into the car.

It was a recording breaking day for heat in the city. Ben finally reached the station and ran inside to hide from the beams of heat coming from the sun.

He got inside and remembered that guy on the side of the road the other night.

He asked the front desk, "Do you know what that guy wanted when I brought him in last week?

" The man at the desk was not sure what he was talking about even though he was the one working that night. Ben became very curious at this idea but he had other things to do.

Tomorrow was his father's funeral and a whole procession with honors were to be presented to his family.

Police officers from all over the country were expected to show up and pay their respects to their fallen officer.

Police Chief Lilly Scott walked towards Ben as this was his first day back on duty since losing his father. She gave him a hug, "he was a great man and we will all miss him.

I am so very sorry that this happened", she said regretfully. Lilly was the youngest Chief of Police ever appointed in Pittsburgh.

She worked very hard to get her position and was a respected officer.

Lilly long dark brown hair wrapped around Ben's shoulder as she embraced him. She had a great personality of funny yet strict which is something everyone likes on the force.

She let go of him but her hands lingered and his arms as her eyes as blue as the ocean began to flood with tears. Her head looked down and Ben embraced her again for comfort.

Another officer walked over and helped her back to her office as Ben was just left there standing alone again. He walked through the offices and back towards the security camera room.

He couldn't get that mysterious guy out of his head and had to see for himself.

He looked at the different angels of the car, the front door, and the front desk when he dropped off Peter. He continued scanning back the footage until he got to the right time and stopped.

He slowly went through the video and examined it like a hawk. His eyes scanned from left to right as he finally saw his car pulling into the frame.

He could still see the man in the back seat of his car when they parked. He then saw him waiving to the officer in the station and that's when Peter disappeared.

He turned back the footage and the strangest thing happened. When his car entered the video this time there was nobody in the back of his car.

Ben jumped out of the chair he was sitting in and his jaw dropped. He walked out of the room and tried to forget about the entire thing.

Ben only came down to the station to get his dads things before the funeral tomorrow.

He went into his father's office and grabbed a few different knickknacks, pictures, and some Steeler and Penguin posters hanging on the walls.

He walked out to the front door of the police station and got into his police cruiser.

His brown hair attracted the heat even more as the temperature outside climbed more since he arrived at the station. He got into his car pumped up the AC and started on his way home.

The rest of that day was just a daze of sadness, stress, and confusion as the funeral was tomorrow. The viewing had been hours long as many people showed up to pay their respects.

Eventually the viewing ended and many people from the station including Chief Scott arrived and talked to the family.

Everyone went home late but had to get up early the next day for the funeral. Ben was staying at his childhood home for the time being since he didn't want his mother alone during this time.

Ben really didn't want to be by himself either. He got into the house and went to bed as he was exhausted from the day.

He woke up and put his police uniform on with his badge. A black line went over the center of his badge for the fallen officer.

He had only done that once before after a couple officer were killed a couple years ago and now, he was doing this for his father. He never expected that to happen to him or his family.

He walked down the stairs fixed himself a bowl of cereal and waited for his mother to come down the stairs before they headed out.

Eventually everyone was ready to go and they got to the funeral home. The casket was lifted into the hearse with six officers lifting it into the car.

Family and close friends got into their cars and put green flags on top their vehicles. They waited for the hearse to lead the way through the procession as they all put their blinkers on.

The procession started as they turned down the street and passed the police station.

The entire thing looked like a parade with tons of people standing on sidewalks and with emergency vehicle lights on.

Even on the highway a giant American flag hung down from the bridge as they crossed underneath it. His father was a hero and did a lot for this city and the people that lived in it.

A quiet ride in the car was the longest drive Ben ever had to do. He was the car right behind the hearse and his mother sitting in the seat next to him.

She was looking out the window waiting for the funeral to be over. She was afraid to face the final time she would see her husbands face.

Jordan was the car that followed theirs and Ben didn't know who else was behind Jordan.

They turned right into Mount Breeze Cemetery where his father would be laid to rest next to his parents. Ben stopped the car when the hearse put on their breaks.

A gate had been closed to keep this moment private to the family and close friends. Everyone got out of their car and the pallbearers went up to the hearse.

The casket was taken out of the car and taken to the grave where it was sat over two straps to sit the casket over the final resting place.

The flag draped over the casket was folded as music was played in the background. Ben followed the flag from being folded to given to his mother.

While he followed the flag with his eyes, he saw someone looking at the ceremony from a distance, but he was in the cemetery with everyone else.

Upon further inspection it was that strange man Peter from the other night. Ben was completely freaked out and just stared at the man.

He noticed the man had on a black top hat like something Abraham Lincoln would have worn. The man recognized Ben was looking at him and walked In front of the tree he was half hidden behind.

He walked his way to the front of the tree and tipped his top hat to him. Ben looked back to his fathers' casket as it was lowered into the earth.

The casket met the dirt below as it would be his final resting place. Ben looked up again and Peter was still there but he was just from the waist up as his legs had disappeared.

The man smiled with joy in his face as his waist went away and so did his arms and chest.

His long grey beard and top hat all fell from existence as Ben watched in confusion of what he just watched,

"Ben, Ben you ok? You ok Ben?", asked his mother. "Ya I'm fine...and we are going to be fine", Ben responded.

He wrapped his arm around his mother as they walked back to their car as they still had a wake to go to.

He hopped in the car with his mother put on the radio which was playing Cats in the Cradle as they drove off with his fathers new home in the rear view mirror.

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