Grave: the Undead Superhero part 11
Grave: the Undead Superhero part 11 fiction stories

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A giant fire is raging in downtown Pittsburgh and Grave cannot stand idly by as peoples lives are at stake.

Grave: the Undead Superhero part 11

Lilly went into the kitchen to grab some breakfast as the sun began to filter through the windows lighting up the room.

The newly orange colored room painted a perfect silhouette of Lilly and she smiled back towards Ben. She was pleasantly surprised to see that Ben made her eggs for breakfast.

"When did you have time to make this?", she asked him. Ben turned his head around from his position on the couch and answered with, "I found sometime this morning to do it.

You are letting me stay here, it's the least I can do."

Lilly grabbed her plate and gobbled down the breakfast. She said goodbye to Ben and ran off to her car. Her shift was starting soon and she was already running late for work.

Ben on the other hand had nowhere to be since it was daylight he would be spotted easily. He never went out during the day. He knew that would have to change sooner or later.

He turned on the news to see his little painting that he left for the police at the scene last night.

There were no exclusives on this story as every news outlet was covering it. "He...he attacked us. I'm not sure what it is but that man wanted to kill us. The police showed up and it ran.

I'd rather be in a jail with protection than on the streets with that thing running around," the man with the snake tattoo said while the cops lead him into the back of a cop car.

Later that day Lilly had a press conference that Ben didn't know about. It must have been a last-minute decision by the higher ups to talk about something important.

They are going to talk about me, Ben thought. Lilly walked up to the podium and began to speak.

"We are aware of these reports that this masked vigilante is roaming the streets at night in and around the city.

If that person is listening, we highly encourage that you stay home and let the law enforcement deal with these situations.

I am not entirely sure this person's motives are but we want to keep them safe as we do every person in this city.

I will be taking questions at this time," Lilly said as she read the script in front of her.

"How do you know this thing is a person? Do you know who this person or thing is?", asked the first reporter.

"We do not know for certain what this person or thing is or their motives but we are fairly sure that this is a person acting as a vigilante.

We do not believe that this person creates a danger to the people in or around the city of Pittsburgh at this time," Lilly responded.

"Are we sure that this person is not like the others? Does he have any connection to the fires in the suburbs of the city?", asked another reporter.

Ben drowned out the response and other questions posed to Lilly as he did not know how she would react when her shift ended and she arrived back home.

Eventually he heard the car pull up as the sun already went down and she walked through the front door. "How was work," Ben asked with worry in his voice.

"Seriously! You made my day a living hell because of your antics last night and that's how you greet me when I get back!", she was not happy to say the least.

"Are you going to do it again tonight? Am I going to have to answer for your actions every night for the rest of my career from now on?"

Ben was worried this would happen but has no other choice. "I'm just trying to help those that can't help themselves," Ben said as he walked closer and closer to her. "I need to do this...

I was told I have a greater purpose and this is it," Ben said as he hugged her.

Lilly accepted the hug after a few seconds of rejecting it. She cared a lot for Ben but she did not want him to know that right now.

She wrapped her arms around him and said, "its just really hard to deal with this extra stuff with the department being busy as it is."

"Well I'm going to try and not make it so difficult for you at the department.

So then you can answer questions about me all day to reporters," Ben said with a smile as his head fell into Lilly's shoulder.

They both backed out of the hug at the same time and looked into each other's eyes for a couple seconds.

Neither of them made the first move and each of them had their hearts beating straight out of their chests.

Until eventually the TV busted out with "Breaking News, right now the Steel Bank building is on fire.

It is a disturbing scene right now as firefighters are trying to evacuate as many floors as they can but the fire is growing fast.

It will be hard for the firefighters to battle these flames tonight. We will be covering this with the chopper as much as possible.

This building is the tallest building in Pittsburgh and with that many flights of stairs it is unknown how many people have been able to get out yet.

We do not currently know how many people are in that building right now but hopefully since it is around midnight there are less people there than during the day."

"You got to go now, I'll be right behind you in my car," Lilly said to Ben.

"Whatever you do, do not go into that building. I will get everyone out of there. Stay put near your car and I'll bring the people down to you," Ben responded to her.

His clothes magically turned into his uniform as the scythe appeared into his hand. He teleported from Lilly's house to the burning building.

Lilly could barely believe what she saw but things like that were becoming the norm lately in her life. The only sentence she could say was, "that was odd."

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