Grave: the Undead Superhero part 10
Grave: the Undead Superhero part 10 fiction stories

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A night out on the town as Ben continues to explore his new found vigilante role as the Grave.

Grave: the Undead Superhero part 10

Grave has enhanced selective hearing so he listens to the closest nearby police scanner to him.

He waits on top of the UPMC building downtown listening to any criminal mischief he might find during the night.

He waits for a while as he hears small things like traffic stops and other conversations over the radio.

He then hears a disturbance two blocks away from him in a small building that used to be a business.

Grave teleports to the area and his night vision is on as soon as he turns up. He hears someone ask, "what was that?" with heightened fear in the man's voice.

The man was bald and had a snake tattoo wrapped around his right eye. Grave was in the corner of the darkened room looking at these two men fill up a truck full of wooden boxes.

The other man had long black dreadlocks but no tattoos. He was standing in the truck as the man with the snake tattoo handed him the wooden boxes.

Police sirens were getting closer and closer and the men began to hurry up. "We got to go now before they find us. Those sirens keep getting closer," the snake tattooed man said.

The man with the dreadlocks looked at him and responded with anger in his voice, "shut up! They are not coming here. I don't care what you think. The odds are they will be going elsewhere.

Just help me load the rest of them and we will head out. The boss needs this done by tonight," the man said. The man with the snake nodded his head and continued.

He dropped one and the boxes were full of machine guns. Grave remembered hearing jingling in some of the other boxes like ammo rounds.

The man swore and picked them up and threw them back into the box. Grave teleported in front of the snake man so when he looked up he saw him.

The man looked up from the black boots standing In front of him with the bottom of a staff next to his head. Grave hit his scythe on the ground making turn into flame.

The flamed-out scythe lit up the room as the man continued looking up in straight fear of what his eyes might see.

He saw a tall man with a yellow cross on his chest and yellow mask covering the lower part of his face. You could see his Blue eyes with the flames illuminating them now.

The man reached for the pistol in his pocket and unloaded the clip into Grave's chest.

Grave stood there and threw the man across the room. The man with the dreadlocks threw a clip into the machine gun and started firing it at Grave.

Ben teleported over to him and grabbed him by his neck.

"Who are you working for? What is this shipment for?" The man with the dreadlocks could barely make sounds from his airless lungs as his feet dangled off the ground. "The...ah...

the devil...himself...El Diablo he calls himself," the man said as Grave dropped him to the ground. The man fell hard and grabbed for his neck immediately. The sirens seemed close now.

Just another block Grave thought. He threw the other man he threw earlier outside and into the side street where the loaded-up van was parked for the police.

He carved out a message from fire of his scythe that read, "I am no devil but his grave," the fire he left behind burning for the police to find.

This new El Diablo was a new concern of his as his gun shipments were getting into town and arming drug lords across the city.

Night was beginning to become morning again as he teleported back to Lilly's place. He went back to his normal clothes and waited on the couch for Lilly to come downstairs.

Do dead men sleep? Ben wondered about that question because he has not been tired yet. Lilly walked down the stairs and asked, "how'd you sleep?"

Ben chuckled and responded with a smile, "great."

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