Grave: the Undead Super Hero Part 6
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Ghost sighting have become ever more popular ever since the death of officer Graves, what a strange coincidence.

Grave: the Undead Super Hero Part 6

Ben has a face covered in confusion and has no idea what he is going to do next. He thinks about his mother instantly and where she might be.

He figures at his childhood home but he doesn't want to go there looking like this.

He turns his brain towards to the thought of how he is getting back to his house. He closes his eyes and somehow when he opens his eyes back up, he is in his living room.

He sprints to his bathroom to look in the mirror at himself. He sees himself with his face covered with the yellow mask up to his nose and a black hood covering the back and top of his head.

The scythe is still in his hand and Ben throws it into the bathtub next to him.

The Scythe breaks in two and Ben can't help but feel bad, he picks up the two ends. The scythe split perfectly in two with the blade on the other and he started to inspect the other stick.

It now had a large hook sticking out of the top horizontally.

Ben pushed the two back together and the scythe became one again. It was tall as it towered a couple feet above Ben when he put it next to him.

He noticed when he split it in two it would shrink down the half the size for more mobility. Ben tapped the bottom of the staff on the ground out of frustration of the entire situation going on.

The blade of the scythe caught on fire with the blade being engulfed. Ben started freaking out with the flame so close to his ceiling.

He tapped the bottom end of the scythe again and it went out. He put the scythe gently into the bathtub just in case it decided to catch fire again anytime soon.

He walked out of the bathroom and changed into normal clothes and put the strange outfit in his closet where nobody could find it.

He walked down the stairs and was in his childhood home. The teal colored fridge he remembered from his childhood stood behind him as he saw his mother on the couch asleep.

Now is not the time, she can't see me right now. She will see me as a ghost and not her son. I have to find someone else to trust, Ben said.

He thought about Lilly, his Chief of Police and her office where this entire thing began. It was late and he knew she would still be there working on cases.

He transported to her office and saw her. She was half asleep when he arrived but that quickly changed. She screamed and pulled at her gun, aiming it at Ben.

He noticed that he was wearing that strange uniform again and had the scythe in his hand.

Lilly had terror in her eyes and her voice as she asked, "Put your hands up or I'll shoot. How are you and what do you want?" Ben looked at her and threw his mask to the side to expose his face.

His blue eyes became familiar to Lilly with his face now shown and his voice even gained more resemblance.

"I don't know how to explain this to you," Ben said warily. Lilly kept her gun raised and threatened to fire again, "Ben has been dead for months now.

You are some kind of devil looking thing!" Lilly pulled her trigger and unloaded her clip into Ben's chest.

Ben fell to the ground in pure shock and just when he thought death would meet him a second time, he looked down at the gun wounds. There was no blood or bullet holes that entered his body.

He got up and stood facing Lilly another time. "Lilly please...I'm just as confused as you are right now. This happened to me after I fell to the ground with Jordan," Ben explained to her.

"You were dead, I saw it myself. Nobody could survive that fall not even Jordan did. Your mother grieved for you and I couldn't believe you died! I grieved and am still in grief.

You have no idea how much you meant to me. I don't know how you faked your death, but what you did was unjustifiable," Lilly explained with rage.

"I...I was dead. I know it is not something you could understand because I still don't understand the whole thing," Ben told her. "Who knows," she asked. "Only you...

I can't bring myself to see my mother, not like this," Ben replied.

Lilly ran up to him and embraced him just like she did when his father passed away. Her arms created a warm comforting feel that Ben hasn't felt since that moment.

Her green eyes closed as she tried to squeeze as hard as she could. "Sorry I shot you," she said. "You shot me a couple times," he responded.

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