Grave: the Undead Super Hero Part 4
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Ben has finally caught up to Jordan's schemes and has him cornered, but things might to array...

Grave: the Undead Super Hero Part 4

The next morning...

Ben drove home the night before with a silent ride home. There was no sound except for the drown out engine running in his car.

He had finally put his lights on after he got two blocks away from the old decrepit building. The mill was blue in color with faded areas along the wall.

Holes created spots on the side of the building as Ben watched in terror. He remembers getting home and lying in his bed as he tried to sleep.

He was still in complete shock with Jordan being The Dealer.

Ben watched the video he recorded on his phone of Jordan being caught with the stash of drugs he just sold and The Dealer uniform he had on him.

His base was in a steel mill that had been abandoned since the late eighties. Ben eventually got some rest after his eyelids couldn't handle the weight any longer.

Ben was at the office with the cops walking around him carrying on their day. Jordan had not come in yet and Ben had no idea what he would do as soon as he saw him walk three the front doors.

Chief Scott walked out of her office and towards Ben. Her beautiful face and brown eyes looked at him with sadness. She asked Ben how he was doing but Ben needed to speak to her in private.

They both retreated to her office and closed the door.

"He did it! Jordan, he did it!", Ben said with his voice quivering from anger and sadness. "What did he do?" asked Scott asked.

"He killed my father and he has been behind the drugs around the city. He has been using his status as an officer to cover up his trail", Ben explained to her.

Lilly face went into shock as her jaw dropped to the floor. Her eyes widened as she looked past Ben for the first time in the conversation.

Ben turned around to see Jordan walking through the front doors and towards his desk. He looked like he always did but Ben saw something different now.

He saw a monster and someone with a target on his back. Lilly told Ben, "Do you have any evidence to back up your accusations?" Ben handed over his phone with the video which Lilly watched.

She could not believe what she saw. She was halfway through the video when Jordan knocked on her office door. She quickly paused the video and told his to come in.

Ben finally saw the man face to face for the first time since his discovery.

"Everything ok in here?" asked Jordan. Ben looked to Lilly to answer him with some kind of made up excuse. "We are just talking about Peter and what he meant to the force.

If you don't mind we would like to continue our conversation", she told Jordan. He walked out of her office and went back to his desk.

"We will follow him tonight and catch him in the act, like you did", she explained to Ben. Ben wanted run out of her office and beat Jordan to death but he understood the justice system.

Going to jail isn't justice he thought. The only justice here is death for such a coward to shoot his own partner for money.

"Alright we go tonight and I will take him out myself!" Ben was adamant.

The day turned into night as the glow of the sun turned into the misty glow of the moon. Jordan started heading out of the building as cop cars were already looking at the steel mill.

Jordan left the building with Chief Lilly Scott and Ben. Each one of them got into their own cruisers and the two followed Jordan.

Jordan got to the steel mill again and they waited for the other cars to show up again.

The same cars arrived with the dark as night windows helped identify the cars easily. They waited for the men to go into the building and then they fired up their sirens and lights.

The lights lit up the darkness and created a huge display of lights poking through the night sky.

Ben ran into the building first with Chief Scott and were under fire immediately. The swat soon followed them as they led the attack on the compound.

They saw a huge room with limited hiding spaces behind left over tables and columns that were left from the steel mill.

There were nearly 20 men total and that included the man that dressed like the devil on earth. Each man had machine guns including Jordan.

Jordan had on body armor which made it ten times more difficult to hit him with a shot that subdued him. Fired began breaking out and they echoed through the building and onto the streets.

Ben looked over the table that they were hiding behind and saw a man standing there and he shot him. He got the man in the chest and he plopped over and onto the ground screaming in pain.

The man was the first-person Ben killed while on duty. He had a ski mask on so he didn't know what he looked like beyond that.

Jordan's minions and cops began falling like flies and now it was only Ben, Chief Scott and Jordan up for battle.

Ben was behind a column now after gaining ground on Jordan and Scott was behind a table across the way. Chief was pushing up when Ben heard a smack and a scream from her.

Ben looked over past his cover and saw Jordan in his full gear holding Chief hostage. He had the cold steal of a pistol up to her head and began to count from ten.

"You have 9 more seconds until I put a bullet into her skull...8....7", he told Ben. Ben slowly walked out from behind the cover and dropped his weapon.

Jordan pushed Lilly to the ground Infront of Ben and ran. Lilly had a streak of blood across her forehead but Ben was determined to get to The Dealer tonight.

It was what Ben wanted oddly enough, a one on one matchup that led to one of them not walking out of the building. Ben picked up his gun and ran.

Ben finally caught up to Jordan on the walkway high above the ground in the mill. The air smelt like gunpowder and the air was filled with smoke.

It was hard to see but he could see Jordan good enough with his piercing red mask. "This is the end Ben; you shouldn't have followed me"! Ben chuckled. "I'm not afraid of death.

Are you"? Ben responded with certainty in his voice.

He ran towards Jordan as Jordan began to shoot the pistol in his hand. Pop...pop...pop, the gun went as each bullet struck Ben he kept pushing closer and closer to Jordan.

Ben eventually got to Jordan and he tackled him and they both went tumbling down to the deadly ground. Ben thought of his mother and all his friends and family he will leave behind.

He thought about his father and the redemption he just completed and he smiled then it went black.

After it went black he heard, "Ben? Ben, is that you"?

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