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I don't give trigger warnings.

Here is my entry for the
Story Jam #3 dEaDline is always Sunday at midnight

Made for the Stage

It is hard to believe this all started nearly 45 years ago.

I am unable to believe that they really caught this guy

*a turn of the knob is followed by an audible click and static noises muffle the breathing*

*electromagnetic noise jumps into the screen and begins to settle with every gentle turn of the knob*

How could one single man leave 80% of western society crumbling in fear?

*Static noises*

N w S ! B r a K I N g

B r e A K I n g N e w S !

B R e A K I N N N e w S !

r k n g w BRe I G E W S! s a i n e


"This just in!

"This just in! Police officers have captured the man they believe is responsible for the tragic death of 48 people..."

13 of whom were children under the age of 14."

"We now go live outside of the police station where Pat McNamara, our reporter is going to tell us more!"

"Pat? You are Live, tell us what is going on there?"


CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "Thank you, Jen! Well, as you can see behind me, people having been gathering here all day"

CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "to get a glimpse at the man believed to be responsible for the tragic deaths of 48 towns people."

"What can you tell us about the suspect? Were you able to film him as he was being escorted in?"

CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "Sadly, we were not able to get a look at his face because he was covered with a jacket."

"Covered? Did the police give any reason as to why they covered this man's face?"

CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "Mostly because they have not yet proven that this is the person, and they wish to avoid more violence"

CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "Whoever committed these heinous crimes, won't be able to step into the public for the rest of their life

CHANNEL 4 NEWS ಠ_ಠ "The police does not want to put the wrong man under such a spotlight and create a bloody stage."

"I see!

"I see! well, that obviously makes sense!"

"...and what else can you tell us abo...."

Inside the Interrogation room a man has been sitting down for roughly 52 minutes. It's a commonly used technique to wear down the will power of the person being questioned.

*Door opens up* "Hi Mr. Kazinsky, how are you?

*Door opens up* "Hi Mr. Kazinsky, how are you? did I pronounce the name correctly?"

"Yes, that is correct detective. and I am doing well, thank you."

"Do you know why you were brought here today, Mr. Kazinsky?...

"Do you know why you were brought here today, Mr. Kazinsky?... by the way, would it be alright if I call you Ted?"

"Yes, that's fine.

"Yes, that's fine. Well, you guys think I am the guy responsible for all those horrific acts".

"Before we continue, can I offer you some coffee,

"Before we continue, can I offer you some coffee, tee,

"Before we continue, can I offer you some coffee, tee, maybe something warm to eat?

"Before we continue, can I offer you some coffee, tee, maybe something warm to eat? We know you haven't eaten in a while."

"A black coffee would be fine, as for food, I am afraid I might be too stressed to eat.

The detective in charge leaves the room once more, this time for 18 minutes, and comes back with the coffee and another female officer who sits quietly across the room in front of the door.

It's a well-known tactic made to subconciously tell the suspect that in order to leave the room, they will have to go through someone else. Since he can not be held against his will.

At this point, he has not been officially charged with any crimes. His rights have already been read to him and he wavered his right to have a lawyer present.

"I'm sorry that took so long; it is a media circus out there. Here is your coffee."

"I understand, thank you." *he glances at the female officer*

"Oh this is Mrs. Pattingson, she will be assisting us to make sure we have everything we need to make this process as quick and painless for you as possible."

The detective has a mountain of evidence that proves that the guy being questioned was indeed guilty of the murders, however, he needs to build a strong case against him.

This entire process is made to gain the subject trust and to obtain a confession from him to make sure that he can not escape the sentence.

"I understand, that is very fair and just of you, I appreciate it."

The detective turned on a lamp that was standing on the desk. the light suddenly hit the suspects face. His entire demeanor suddenly shifted and he became lively...

Almost as if he felt to be on stage...

"You know, my father who was a very honorable man, always said how he admired me

Although he didn't show a reaction, the detective was shocked by the fact that the subject had suddenly started to talk about his father and about honor.

But he decided to let him speak and see where the conversation would go.

"Is that so?"

"Yes, I remember one day he took me to the park, he would always want to take me outside to play...

"That man truly loved and admired me. Who couldn't stop taking pictures of me wearing all kinds of different costumes..."

"Your father liked to take pictures of you wearing costumes...?

"Oh yeah! But it was nothing sexual, detective! he mostly asked me to dress as an angel; he said I belonged in heaven".

"He used to tell me how much he wished for me to go to heaven and to fly like an angel!"

"I see...It's interesting. But Ted, what about the lab we found in your basement, what can you tell us about that?

"You know who also had a lab? My father! he had a dark room which he used to develop his pictures."

"We were never supposed to go into that room, you know so that the pictures would not be ruined."

"I remember this one day he took me out to buy donuts, he really had a thing for donuts..."

Dark room,

Dark room, pictures,

Dark room, pictures, angels

Dark room, pictures, angels donuts...

Dark room, pictures, angels donuts...the words had suddenly connected inside of the detective mind, whose face had remained unchanged.

"He would buy boxes of them and hand them out to the children of the neighborhood...

The detective could not see the flashes of memories triggered by the story, but he could tell that the suspect was indeed remembering real events...

If the events were real and his suspicious as well... How much more complicated was this case going to be?

"would you excuse me for a moment, Ted?"

"Yes of course."

The detective signals his partner to leave. Both officers step out of the room.

The detective closes the door and turns to face to the female officer

The famously expressionless face of the detective was suddenly written with horror.

The entire energy had suddenly shifted and the female officer was overcome by several strong waves of shivers that traveled up and down her spine and into her head.

She knew, that whatever it was that the detective had uncovered, it was serious,

serious enough to cause the most decorated criminal detective's eye to slightly twitch...


"Detective? What is going on?!"

*in a hurry* "Go upstairs and find John, tell him to contact ADX Florence and find out if the inmate Charles Kazyz had any known sons."

The maximum-security prison?!

The maximum-security prison?! Charles Kazyz?


"Yes! Do it now!"

"I fear the worst."

Meanwhile, three days prior to the capture of Ted, something happened over at ADX Florence Maximum Security Prison

*Alarms wailing Loudly*

*a note reads*

*a note reads* *Dear detective,

*a note reads* *Dear detective, I feel it is time for me to be outside once more.

*a note reads* *Dear detective, I feel it is time for me to be outside once more. I miss my family

and all the angels.

*Yours truly,

*Yours truly, Charles

PS: I can't wait to see how much the world has changed.

I heard that phones can take pictures?!

I heard that phones can take pictures?! I can't wait!

The world will soon remember

the Swinging Angel.

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