Story Jam #3 "Go back, and change"

      Story Jam #3 

           "Go back, and change" storyjam#3 stories

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Deadline: 19.04 midnight! Can you make me empathize with your villain? Improve your writing and learn more about fear.
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Story Jam #3 "Go back, and change"

Alright, so far the stories you have made have been truly impressive!

It's fun to see how each of you can come up with a completely different story, based on the same images!

In that spirit, I hope you are still looking forward to these jams, and this weak has a new kink to it.

Everyone is encouraged to take part, even if they have not done so before!

This week we are going to look into VILLAINS, specifically the character arc of one and how it relates to fear and experiences.

For this Jam, you will have to tend to more than just using the backgrounds that are given to you,

here are the rules:

Choose ONE of this three basic INBORN fears to give to your villain or anti-hero:

1. Fear of being unwanted or unworthy

1. Fear of having no personal significance (not being unique)

1. Fear of being corrupted or evil

Why is this important? This single thing, the fear, will help your character to stay consistent throughout the story.

Regardless of the situation you place them in, you can imagine how that primal fear will lead them to act.

Secondly, you'll create a childhood event which exacerbates that primal fear and makes them believe more strongly in its power

Thirdly, imagine one event from their childhood which can summarize the fact that this person deals with this particular fear.

This would be an event that a movie would show you in order to see the result of having that particular fear and the childhood experience.

It would usually be some sort of confrontation in which the measures use or the reactions were disproportionate.

Finally, create an event in which the person, who was almost hopeful and cured, relapses and decides to give up to that dominant fear.

Summarize: 1. Choose one of the three IN BORN fears: Being corrupted, unworthy or not special.

Summarize: 2. Create one childhood event which exacerbates the fear.

Summarize: 3. Create a summarizing moment which shows how strong that fear is and how it affects their actions.

Summarize: 4. Create an event which portrays the character relapsing further into the fear after being shocked by another event once more.

As always, images can be found in the website: Link in the comments!

You can crop and rotate the images as you please, but only using the Commaful story creator.

This ensures that the challenge is equally applied to all and that some consistency is maintained.

Please make sure you read and understand the rules. Feel free to ask any questions down below.

As with the other jams, you'll be asked to review your own story and to rate it.

The first person to post their story will receive extra +2 points towards final score and a shout out.

Only the first entry will get a shout out. The likes and comments that the story get's will affect the final score.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lot of fun at it!

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