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In the early hours of the morning, you'd expect Min Yoongi to be sleeping, sure. But when it comes to music, he's up diligently working on his mixtape. Jimin, being the kind boyfriend he is, stays up, just so he can surprise Yoongi in the way he knows best - being a complete tease and promising a little bit of pleasure.


Yoongi was diligently typing away at his computer, working on his mixtape. Although he hadn’t had much time to work on it, he was overall pleased with the progress thus far. The only light shining in the room was from the large computer screen positioned nicely in front of Yoongi, displaying the software that he was using to create his mixtape.

Yoongi huffed and sighed every now and then, clicking away at his mouse as he cut clips and extended them, changed pitches, added sound effects, and overlapped sound tracks. It was tedious work, but Yoongi had always loved producing music.

He was a night owl of a sort, even if he always said he loved sleep, so staying up and producing and writing song lyrics was one of his hobbies. Staying up meant all was quiet and he had the whole world to himself.

It was calm, unlike the normal routine he faced daily. He wasn’t sure of the exact time, his eyes glued to the screen, way too focused to flick them down towards the time on the bottom of the display. But last time he checked, it was close to two in the morning.

His thoughts drifted to Jimin, and how Jimin would probably be asleep right now. Jimin wasn’t the type to stay up late, as he was all for taking care of his body. He ate healthy, had a proper sleeping schedule, and exercised regularly – the complete opposite of Yoongi.

Yoongi couldn’t care less about his health when he was inspired, and Yoongi seemed cold hearted to everyone he knew but he was the most caring person around and he always put others first. That’s why Jimin loved him.

Yoongi readjusted himself in his black leather computer chair and leaned back, the chair creaking loudly in response. Yoongi closed his eyes and listened to the song’s backing track through his Dr. Dre headphones, smiling as he nodded in time with the beat. It was nearly perfect. Just a few more touches…

There was a creak behind Yoongi but he was too absorbed in his little world inside his headphones to notice, so it was a surprise when a body crawled underneath the desk and spread Yoongi’s legs wide open.

“What the f-” Yoongi was cut off when he saw Jimin’s lips pressed out into a pout, and Yoongi sighed in happiness when he realised it was only his sweet Jimin. That boy had a knack for creeping up on Yoongi, and it always seemed to be the best of the times too.

“Don’t scare me like that, Jiminie,” Yoongi breathed, and Jimin’s only response was a whiny sigh. Yoongi frowned, but he figured he’d better ask why Jimin was acting the way he was. Jimin was the type to love attention, but only if it was good attention from people close to him. Jimin was a fairly shy guy, but on stage he had to act like a flirt.

How else would he get the fangirls? But Jimin didn’t care about them, he always went out of his way to get Yoongi’s attention instead. “What’s wrong baby? And why are you up so late?”

Jimin’s eyes rose up to Yoongi’s, and a mischievous grin formed on his lips. Jimin’s eyes were hiding something and Yoongi was nearly scared about just what that thing was. Nearly.

“You’ve been working so hard on this mixtape so I think you deserve a little wind down time, don’t you? I stayed awake just so I could do this…” Jimin teased, his tongue darting between his lips and running across them, wetting them and creating a glossy shine over them, making Yoongi fidget in his seat. Jimin was looking incredibly sexy right now and… that devil knew exactly what he was doing.

Where did Yoongi’s cute little Jiminie go? Jimin’s cute, chubby and smol hands reached up and grasped at Yoongi’s fly, and Yoongi felt his eyes widen and take in all of Jimin’s face – the pink blush flushed across his face, the way his galaxy eyes stared up in wonder at Yoongi as he appeared to open a chest full of treasure.

That cute little nose of his and – oh, those lips. Those lips were perfect and puckered and Yoongi loved kissing them, he loved drawing Jimin’s bottom lip into his mouth when he bit into it, and hearing the whine Jimin would emit in reply to Yoongi’s actions. It was Yoongi’s drug and he couldn’t help but get high every time he was with Jimin.

Jimin opened Yoongi’s fly, smiling as Yoongi was already reacting – the older couldn’t help it when Jimin did stuff like this, he honestly couldn’t control himself when Jimin was acting so greedy and yet so very fucking cute. It stirred all sorts of feelings up in Yoongi, and he fucking loved every second of it.

“You’re needy for a little something, aren’t you Jiminie?” Yoongi growled, and Jimin hummed loudly in reply, his voice already becoming weak with the lust he was feeling spreading throughout his bloodstream. Jimin already wanted to be fucked by Yoongi, mercilessly he may add, but he wanted to do this for Yoongi.

He wanted to do this so much for Yoongi, to make him feel absolutely amazing. He deserved everything for just how hard he worked, and how much he cared. Deep down, Yoongi was such a beautifully kind person. Jimin had always admired Yoongi as a hyung, but now it was more than that. Jimin wanted Yoongi’s whole heart to be his.

Jimin had always tried to tease his hyung, because he loved getting the attention from the elder. Yoongi always acted like Jimin was a nuisance, but Yoongi would never admit the amount of love he had for the members – especially Jimin. It was like a love-hate relationship. Jimin would be mushy and say sweet nothings to Yoongi, and Yoongi would just shake his head and comment on how ‘silly’ Jimin was for even thinking it.

However, Jimin knew deep down that Yoongi cared so much and actually loved Jimin enough, even if he wouldn’t admit it. The two always looked like polar opposites but in reality, they were exactly the same. They had passion. Kindness. They were caring.

And they wouldn’t have it any other way. “I wanna make you feel so good,” Jimin cooed, his small fingers pulling Yoongi’s underwear down, Yoongi’s cock already hardening just by Jimin’s miniscule actions. Jimin smiled as Yoongi took a sharp intake of breath, gritting his teeth as Jimin’s fingers teased his shaft, raking his fingers along the tender skin of his penis

Yoongi could only sit and let the little devil do as he pleased, because Yoongi knew if Jimin didn’t get his way, he’d have to deal with the brat’s complaining. Although, that always did make sexy times more… interesting. Jimin’s thumb pressed into Yoongi’s slit, and Yoongi couldn’t help his hips rutting up, his cock thrusting up near Jimin’s face.

Yoongi never liked being overly vocal, but he couldn’t help the low growl slip past his lips, which egged Jimin to continue doing what he did best. Jimin knew if he kept up with these small, annoying, and miniscule touches, Yoongi would get pissed off – Jimin loved to be an absolute tease.

“You little…” Yoongi whispered, his voice on the verge of cracking, Jimin’s hand starting to slide up and down on Yoongi’s cock. Jimin leaned forward, hovering over the head of Yoongi’s cock, letting a bit of his spit land on the tip, and Jimin swivelled his thumb and hand around the slit before dragging his hand coated with spit down Yoongi’s shaft to act as lubrication, wrapping nice and snug around his erecting cock.

Yoongi let out a pant every so often, his head tilted back to rest on the pristine leather of the chair, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down as he struggled to swallow, his throat dry from the pleasure. Yoongi wouldn’t be surprised if he started to dribble soon – it felt that fucking amazing. Everything Jimin did always felt amazing, and all Yoongi ever felt was complete euphoria.

The eroticism and lust of the situation was pushing both of the men to their limits, even if they hadn’t even done much yet. Jimin’s cock was straining through the track pants he wore loosely around his waist, whereas he had a white t-shirt hugging his chest loosely.

Jimin figured he needed to start pleasuring Yoongi with more than just his hands, once again tracing his tongue over his lips, wetting them with saliva. Then, without any warning, he folded his lips over his teeth and took Yoongi’s whole cock in his mouth, the familiar musky, manly smell entering his nostrils as he buried his face into Yoongi’s lower abdomen.

Jimin felt Yoongi’s lower body tense and he heard Yoongi sharply inhale through his teeth. Jimin’s hands glided across Yoongi’s stomach and up to his chest, and Yoongi could only sit and be held hostage to Jimin’s touches. Even if Yoongi was always dominant in the bedroom, he felt like the roles had been switched and Jimin was in control. Jimin had always been good at making people feel good, in many ways.

Jimin could not help but gaze up at Yoongi’s erotic face through his thick eyelashes, certainly becoming aroused himself. The way Yoongi panted between his plush lips sent shockwaves down to Jimin’s hardening cock, which was still straining painfully through his pants. Jimin knew he was doing an amazing job at blowing Yoongi, and it was feeding his ego like nothing else.

It made Yoongi laugh how there were always articles on his sexuality. Nosey people were always finding labels to throw at Yoongi, saying he was ‘gay’ and whatever else. Honestly, at this point Yoongi wasn’t really aware, or cared about his sexuality. He liked whoever he liked, he didn’t see why it was so important. He was accepting of anyone, regardless of their gender, religion, sexuality, race. And he loved Jimin, regardless.

imin diligently worked away at hardening Yoongi’s cock, Jimin’s long tongue massaging against the shaft of Yoongi’s penis, sending shockwaves of arousal through Yoongi’s veins. A moan was lingering within his throat, and boy did he want to let it out, but he couldn’t. As much as the studio’s walls were soundproof, he didn’t trust anyone, or anything, that easily.

And he found his own moans to be quite a turnoff – Jimin’s moans however – that turned him on faster than the speed of light. Speaking of moans – Jimin moaned as his throat tightened around Yoongi’s cock as he began to deep throat Yoongi’s cock, a gasp and splutter being heard every now and then.

Suddenly, Jimin felt Yoongi’s foot rub at his cock through his pants, and he moaned around Yoongi’s dick, making the older man moan and cum right into Jimin’s mouth, the thick ropes of sperm gushing into his mouth. Jimin, being the expert cocksucker he was for Yoongi, he swallowed it all, only slightly coughing afterwards since he wasn’t fully expecting it.

Yoongi happily gazed down at Jimin, pulling him up into his lap, before planting a kiss on his lips, not caring that his own jizz just entered Jimin’s mouth. Jimin’s lips were far too perfect to turn away a kiss.

“Thank you Jimin, I really needed that… stress reliever,” Yoongi commented, his lips curving upwards as Jimin’s eyes fluttered closed. Jimin nuzzled into Yoongi’s neck as a response, suddenly filled with the urge to sleep, even if his cock was still hard in his track pants.

“Ah Jimin, do I really have to carry you to bed? You know I don’t have any muscles!” Yoongi exclaimed, and Jimin giggled into Yoongi’s chest.

“No, I know how much of an old man you are Yoongi. I’ll have to carry you to bed instead!” Jimin replied almost instantaneously, suddenly giggling uncontrollably as he remembered just how much the older man hated it when Jimin carried Yoongi to bed, bridal style. Yes, it had happened before.

“Don’t even think about it, you little shit.” “Too late.” Jimin’s laughter echoed around the studio, but Yoongi felt himself helpless. Ah, whatever. Jimin walked towards the door and Yoongi stumbled after his adorable boyfriend, sneaking a glance at his ass before exiting the studio and letting the door click behind him.

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