Needy Jimin-Yoonmin
Needy Jimin-Yoonmin sex stories

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jimin crumbling like a baby while having sex because suga is praising him

Needy Jimin-Yoonmin

As much as Yoongi loved collaborating on songs with Jimin, it seemed they were never able to successfully make it through a recording session without getting distracted by each other. After only ten minutes in the studio, they were already naked and having sex in Yoongi’s chair. “Ah…Jimin…” Yoongi huffed, eyes shut and head lolling back as Jimin ground his hips down into his lap. His hands rested on Jimin’s ass, his fingers gripping the soft flesh as his boyfriend bounced on his cock.

Jimin braced himself on Yoongi’s shoulders, his breathy moans swallowed by the constant frenzied kisses pressed to his mouth. “So good…So good. Love when you ride me, fuck…” “Lo-Love it too, hyung, ah!” Jimin mewled when he worked his hips just right so that Yoongi’s cock dragged along his prostate. “Oh…hyu-hyung…oh…”

Yoongi pulled Jimin into his arms and hugged him close, hands moving up to caress his bare back as he tried to find the spot again. “You sound so pretty when you cry like that,” he murmured as Jimin panted desperately in his ear. Jimin whined and buried his face into Yoongi’s neck. “Yoon…gi…”

“My beautiful Jiminnie,” Yoongi cooed, gripping Jimin’s waist and pushing up into his trembling body. “Handsome, special, perfect,” he rasped, holding Jimin tighter so he could increase the pace and force of his thrusts. Jimin clung to Yoongi and sobbed, his moans filling the room as the older boy lavished him with praise. “Hyung! I can–I can’t!” he hiccuped when Yoongi found the spot he had been looking for and thrusted exceptionally hard.

“It’s okay, Minnie. It’s okay. Let it out, baby. Be a good boy for hyung…” Yoongi continued whispering soft words of adoration into Jimin’s ear; telling him how good he was, how perfect he was, how his ass was made to take his cock. Jimin consumed it all with greed, his skin prickling from the attention and his body melting from Yoongi’s repetitive jabs at his sensitive bundle of nerves.

“I’m–I’m–Hyung! I’m gonna…gonna…” Jimin whimpered while nuzzling and kissing Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi slid one of his hands between Jimin’s legs and stroked his leaking cock. “I’ve got you, baby. I’ve got you, Minnie. It’s okay. Come for me.” Yoongi’s voice was gentle but he continued ramming into Jimin at a steady pace, not stopping even when Jimin’s orgasm finally hit and he released into his hand.

“Ah! Hyung, fuck, yes…yes!” Jimin keened as Yoongi fucked him through it, his body now lax and pliant. Yoongi’s fingers nudged at his lips and Jimin accepted the cum coated fingers, eagerly sucking them clean while Yoongi moaned and watched.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. So fucking hot–Jimin baby, fuck!” Yoongi removed his fingers and yanked Jimin down into a kiss, burying himself deep inside as he filled the condom. Jimin opened his mouth with a groan and curled his tongue around Yoongi’s, giving his boyfriend a taste of the cum he just licked from his fingers. He rocked back and forth in Yoongi’s lap, arms resting around his neck while they kissed each other and slowly came down from their high.

“Mmm…I taste good,” Jimin hummed when they had a small pause between kisses. “You always taste good.” Yoongi peppered Jimin’s lips and cheeks with kisses, making him giggle. “Want to lick and kiss you all over.” “Yoongi…”

“But it’s true.” Jimin grinned and pecked Yoongi’s lips before rubbing their noses together. “Let’s go home. I wanna cuddle.” Yoongi pecked Jimin’s lips back a few times and chuckled. “We’re never gonna finish this song, are we?”

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