The Sapphire Summoner [Prologue Part I: The Bunny and the Artist]
The Sapphire Summoner  [Prologue Part I: The Bunny and the Artist] comedy stories
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The Bastion of Ethril, a land that secretly exist along with our world. Only a select few may enter here. They are known as the Shining Paragons. They were nearly immortal because of their ability to reincarnate. They are the owner of the Gems of Dominion, artifacts that serve as their emblems, and a catalyst to awaken their powers and memories. For countless generations , they have battled each other for a chance to defeat the Emerald Emperor. They are a being of pure energy and the source of the Paragons' powers. It is said that anyone who defeats them in combat would take their place and shape the world as they see fit. Now is the moment for a new generation of Paragons to do fight in the Ethrilian Clash!

The Sapphire Summoner [Prologue Part I: The Bunny and the Artist]

Hey, can you see it?

A snowy white landscape with grass spreading in all directions. Towering mountains beyond the horizon, hiding distant foreign lands.

Various creatures roaming around , leaving footsteps in the snow. Each one, a testament to the complexity of life. And in the middle of it a castle.

It looks old but it's nothing like you've ever seen before. Its walls are made of, glass! Clear glass! But the sun's rays doesn't pass through it as if it's absorbing it.

The snowflakes are falling gently on it and gracefully slides down the surface. The people inhabiting it are also rather strange, they look human...

but they have bunny ears on top of their head! They are the people of...Usagisaki.

The government of Usagisaki is a monarchy, you know , like all kingdoms. The king's name is Quercus III.

He was deemed to be the greatest hand to hand fighter in the land and is the lone ruler of the kingdom. His wife died giving birth to their daughter, the princess of the kingdom, Princess Momo.

The princess has white hair and hazel brown eyes just like her mother. White and brown, okay? ♡. And the people of Usagisaki love her because she's so adorable and kind.

Those are the main traits of a princess after all.

Anyway, today is Princess Momo's 16th birthday. And so the king ordered his people to make it the grandest event in the whole land.

There were going to be games, feasts and a huge cake almost as tall as the castle's walls. It sounds too good to be true but nothing is impossible for the people of Usagisaki.

They even invited neighbouring foreign kingdoms. And despite the cold weather, everyone did their job so wonderfully, All the bakers worked together to bake the cake.

The cooks meticulously prepared a seventy-seven course meal. The workers built a really long table built for the king's and his guest and also different stalls for various games.

The women and children all made the decorations and hanged them all around from roof to roof.

And after twelve hours of preparation, it was done. Everything was ready, the food, the games and most importantly...

the cake! And it was HUGE, a girl could go for a year eating nothing but that gigantic cake. Mm-hmm...

Oh okay, so everything was ready, the princess is sitting next to her father and all the guests were all seated on the table waiting for their next meal to be served.

When suddenly, a high pitched shriek was heard! Everybody looked up and they saw...they saw...

a huge bird! It's not as huge as the cake, but it's big enough to block out the moonlight with its impressive dark wings.

And standing atop the bird is a masked man with a cape as dark as the bird's wings. The man bowed respectfully and said:

"Greetings, sorry to intrude in such a grand occassion but you have something that is mine". The man stated in a deep yet clear voice.

"And what might that be?" The king replied."

"Heh, feigning ignorance I see..."

The masked man dropped down from the huge bird that is smaller than the cake.

The king and the masked man stared at each other's eyes intensely. Neither one uttering a word. All the guests became tense, sensing hostility and killing intent in the air.

The king broke the silence first,

"No one needs to get hurt he-"

The masked man jumped on the table and quickly sprinted towards the king's direction, sending all the food scattering all over the guests.

He tried to punch the king but it didn't connect! The king grabbed his arm and threw him overhead sending him flying!

Whoosh! Crash!

"Stygian Wing! To me!!!" The masked man shouted.

The huge bird rose into the air and flew towards its master. The masked man jumped atop the bird once more.

"Send them flying!" He ordered the bird.

It started rapidly flapping it's wings towards the people repeatedly until it started to create a whirlwind.

The king threw the long table towards the masked man,

"I won't let you do as you please!"

The masked man swiftly dodged the incoming piece of furniture.

"Guards! Bring out our main line of defense!" The king ordered.

The castle walls started shaking and the ground beneath them started to open up. A gigantic blue robot slowly rose up from the ground!

The masked man was astonished!

"Tch! To think that you have something like that in your possession!"

"Heh heh, it is our last ace, Blue Armageddon! ATTACK!"

The robot brought out a plasma rifle and started firing at- Agakhhh!!

[Ow! Hey! Why'd you hit my head?!!]

[I thought the story was set in a kingdom?!]

[It is!]

[Then where the heck did that giant robot came from?!]

It is the year 2017.

Deep in the city of Mitsukaido, near the busy downtown district, along the high rise buildings, there is a run-down apartment with two tenants, a boy and a girl, arguing with each other.

The girl was pointing out things on a whiteboard while the boy was at his computer.

[You worry about the smallest things, keep doing that and your hair would go white♡]

The girl said while rubbing her head. She has short black hair and is wearing a pink sweater with a cartoon bunny logo, purple skirt, bunny shoes and headbands designed to look like bunny ears.

[That's not the case here, medieval people don't have the technology needed to make a mecha!]

The boy then returned his gaze to his computer. He has short brown hair and is wearing white shirt with long sleeves, black pants and headphones around his neck.

The bunny girl pointed towards the boy.

[Fufu~ but that's where you are wrong! It wasn't set during the medieval era at all!]

That remark made him look at the bunny wannabee.


She made a smug grin, then put her hands on the whiteboard.

[I shall tell you the real intro of my story!]

It was the year 4024. It is the era of mechas. World War Five had already broken out all around the globe.

European forces initiated the Armageddon Protocol and deployed their mechas all along the continent. They had pushed back American and Russian fighters back to their respective homelands.

Everything plunged into chaos. Great Britain started building colonies all along Southeast Asia and Usagisaki was one of them.

Soon, Great Britain will rule the world, soon!


The girl was lightly karate-chopped in the head for the second time

[Ow! Yhou mhade me bhit my thongue!]

[Don't just start stealing plot and lines from anime!]

[How rude! I'll have you know that it was an original story of mine!]

[No matter how you put it, that was definitely based on the plot of Code G***s, you want us to get arrested?]

Bunny girl approached the boy and tried to karate-chop his head.

[What kind of employee whacks the head of their boss?! Take this! Hiyah!]

The boy saw the attack coming so he caught her hand mid-strike.

[What kind of boss bails out on paying their employee's salary?!]

[W-well it's not like I bailed, I just needed the money because it was an emergency haha...ha]

The girl weakly laughed without making eye contact.

The boy let go of her hand and pinched her cheeks.

[And by emergency, you meant that hoodie, those shoes and a pair of bunny ears?]

[Guaaah! Lemme go! I'm sorry!]

[You even stole from my coin bank yesterday, how did you even know where I hid it?!]

He pinched her cheeks harder.

[Uwaaah! I only used it to tip the delivery guy! I'll pay you back, I promise!]

[You promise?]

[Yes! So let me go already!]

His boss can be a real handful but she never lied to him so he released her.

This is the third time the boy's salary was delayed. He is a freelance manga artist currently working for the bunny girl who is a writer.

[A-anyway I told you I'll get you the money tonight. Geez, so impatient.]

Still red, the girl rubbed her face, checking if her cheeks are still attached.

[For the past two months I've been eating nothing but instant noodles, you know?]

He gestured towards the trash can nearby which was almost filled with discarded noodles cups.

[Well it's better than nothing right?]

The boy silently looked out the window in contemplation.

[Hey, I'm sorry, okay? I'll have it tonight for sure, so you can stop whining now]

His expression doesn't change.

[Is something bothering you?]

The girl slightly tilted her head.

[You mean besides my delayed salary?]

[Get over it already!]

The girl lightly punched his arm, he also saw it coming but he didn't block it.

[Look outside, the air conditioner's broken again]

Her face showed a hint of surprise.


[You were here by the window the whole time and you didn't notice?]


[You serious?]

[Ah! I know what will cheer you up on a hot summer day...Ice cream!]

The girl took off her bunny shoes and changed into her pink sneakers. She hurriedly went for the door.


The boy suddenly rose up from his seat.


[What are we going to do about the story earlier? Do I change it up a little? Maybe remove the mecha? I mean the first part was interesti-]

[Ah...forget it about it♡]


[It was no good after all, so just forget about it.]

[What?! But I already made the rough sketch of Usagisaki, even the masked man and his bird, 'stick wing' or something!]

[April Fools!]

She made a 'peace' sign at him

[Wha- It's not even April!!!]

[Fufufu~ Well yeah, but I never got you back for showering me with flour last time!]

[You mean it was all for nothing?]

[I brightened your day with my story, it's something♡]

She put both her arms over her head and raised one foot slightly.

The boy sat back down on his armchair, defeated.

The girl puffed up her chest in triumph.

[Never underestimate Akiko Setsuna! HA! HA! HA!]

And so the girl named Akiko Setsuna marched happily outside towards the convenience store.

[Dressing up as a bunny, what are you, five years old?]

He watched her from the window for a few seconds.

[Man, she got me]

He noticed the whiteboard filled with various reminders and notes written by Akiko, and he was reminded of the moment of when they met.

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