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Xavier is hopes to start a new life at Steel Water University. He hopes to new friends but so far it isn't working out. Until his second day of school when he returns to his dorm and finds a surprise waiting.

My Roommate

"Ugh why does school have to be such a drag?" said as he was walking to his 3rd class at the prestigious Steel Water University. This was his first week and already he was complaining.

He was never really big on going to school but his parents wanted him to further his education like all good parents want for their children

He was heading to his biology class when he stopped at a food stand to get something to eat. He had woken up late and didn't get the chance to have breakfast.

He ordered some French fries which, would hopefully last him till lunch time after this class. He hadn't made any new friends yet but he was still holding on to that slim chance that

Xavier was somewhat of a recluse and mainly stayed in his room. He hardly had any sort of social interaction during his high school days and hoped college would be different.

He made it to class shortly after getting a snack and sat in the back of the class. Hold habits sure do die hard. He was there a few minutes early and was actually the first

Soon more and more students began to arrive and the class was starting to fill.

Soon after class began and the teacher closed the door leaving any unlucky soul locked outside which, there was a few.

The teacher then started going over what the class entails and what to expect in terms of classwork and such. To Xavier it was boring and he could h

Each class was like this on the first day. It was mainly orientation and a time for students to get use to getting to class and preparing themselves for the long grueling hours ahead.

Soon biology ended and class was dismissed. Xavier then headed straight for the food court on campus to get lunch.

When he got to the food court he was a bit overwhelmed by how big it was and the amount of students that were there.

He barely made his way to a pizza place there and ordered two slices of pizza for himself. He felt a bit awkward eating alone but it was something that he'd have to deal with in the mean time.

But he could careless at this point since he was starving.

He quickly scarfed down the pizza and was free to roam the campus since biology was his last class for the day.

He roamed around and actually went to find the rest of his classes so he'd have an idea where to go. He had 7 classes in total and despite his lazy demeanor he was a good student.

After figuring out where his classes was he de

His dorm was actually co-ed. His parents wanted him to stay in an all males dorm but it was full so they had to settle for co-ed which, he didn't mind at all.

He went back to his room and unlocked his door and laid on his bed. He was the only one in his room which, was unusually considering it was big enough for 4

He fell asleep on his bed and woke up three hours later at around 4 p.m. he was getting hungry already and so he got on his phone and opened up uver eats and ordered a burger and fries.

As he waited for it to arrive he decided to take a shower. The showers in the dorm were shared by two rooms.

He got ready to get in the shower and knocked on the door to see if anyone was in there and no one answered so he went in.

He got into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. He took his time in there to relax and unwind. It took him about 15 minutes to shower and was out and got ready.

He was curious to know if he had neighbors and walked to the door in the bathroom and knocked on it. He heard no response and then opened it. Turns out no one had moved in and i

He was glad and at the same time pretty bummed out since it would have been a chance to get to make friends. But regardless he made the most of the situation.

Then he heard a knock at his door and walked over and opened up and it was his food. He got his food and sat on his bed and started eating.

Before he started eating he turned on his phone and decided to watch some videos of the content creators he followed on GoTube. As he ate he watched videos and soon was done.

It was about 4 or 5 o'clock so he pulled out his portable game system and started to play

He played for about three hours and decided to head to bed. He wanted to get breakfast this time so he wouldn't suffer like he did this morning.

He got ready for bed and brushed his teeth and such and go into bed. He laid down and was soon dozing off then finally fe

The next morning he got up at 8 a.m. he got ready for the day and was off to get breakfast. He had time to eat since his first class was at 11 a.m.

He took his time and ate and was at class by 10:55. The rest of the day then dragged on and he was glad that classes were over.

He slowly made his way back to his dorm after having a bite to eat for dinner since he go

He made it back to the dorm and was about to walk back into his room when he heard some noise coming from in there.

He got worried for a bit thinking that someone had snuck in and was trying to steal his stuff. So he eased the door open and in the room he saw a girl unpacking.

At first he was confused as to who that was so he decided to ask, "Uhh hello? Who are you?"

The girl got scared and turned around and by chance she had an clothes iron in her hand. She got startled and ended up throwing it at him.

Xavier not being very athletic couldn't react in time and ended up being hit in the head with it and ended up getting knocked unconscious.

As Xavier was slowly slipping in and out of consciousness he thought to himself, "Boy am I gonna have a rough semester."

*Anyways Happy New Years everyone. I thought I'd start this year off with a new story of sorts. Don't worry I'll have a Stone Heart chapter going up either later today or tomorrow.

I'm sorry for not posting in a long time but I'm back now and will be posting at least one or two stories a week at the most. I hope you all have a great day*

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