My Roommate Pt. 9
My Roommate Pt. 9 comedy stories
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Xavier had plans to go for a walk to clear his head but he ended up getting a message from Yolana to meet him at a burger place. He decided to go and hear what she had to say.

My Roommate Pt. 9

Xavier was heading down the elevator and thought, "What the hell am I doing?" He got down to the main lobby when he got a text from Yolana and it said, "Please I want to talk to you.

Meet me at the Burger Queen near the south side of the campus near the dorm.

" Xavier was cautious about meeting her again but he couldn't help but remember how she looked when he got got the crap beaten out of him. He decided to meet her.

The place she was talking about wasn't to far from the dorm it was about a ten minute walk from there. So he went out and started walking.

He got there soon enough and saw her sitting at a table waiting for him. He went inside and she saw him and smiled and waved to him to come sit with her. He walked over and sat down.

Yolana, "I'm...I'm glad you came." Xavier, "Yea well you were persistent." Yolana, "Yea I'm sorry I just really wanted to speak to you.

" Xavier, "Well I'm here what did you want to talk about?" Yolana, "I...I just wanted to say how sorry I am for...for all that happened. I didn't know he would do that.

He said he just wanted to talk to you." Xavier listened and was curious as to how she knew him and asked, "Well what is he to you?" Yolana, "He's my brother.

We always hang out and do stuff together. He noticed I was talking you when he came to pick me up one day to go out to eat. I just never imagined that he'd do that to you. I'm sorry.

" Xavier couldn't stay mad at her especially since she didn't know that was going to happen. Xavier, "I see. Well it's not your fault you had no idea he was going to do that. It's ok.

" Yolana had tears well up a bit and looked at him and smiled and said in a weak voice, "Thank you. I'm glad that you forgave me.

" They sat there for about 5 minutes before Yolana said, "Oh well I'm supposed to go meet my friend now I better get going. I hate to ask you this but could you please walk with me.

I'm a bit scared to walk in the dark." Xavier, "Ok, well where are you going?" Yolana, "Just to a little restuarant on the other side of the park not to far from here.

" Xavier, "Uhh I don't know I really should be." Yolana, "Come on please." Xavier was the type of person should couldn't say no so he gave in and said, "Alright I'll walk you there.

" They both got up from the seats and headed out. It was nice night. The stars were out and the moon was bright in the sky.

Xavier walked with Yolana and it was a bit awkward especially because of the recent events.

So Yolana decided to break the silence and asked, "So how are you doing after what had happened?" Xavier, "Ahh well I suffered some pretty bad injuries.

But luckily I'm a fast healer so there doing fine." Even though he was still a bit sore and some of his injuries were taking a bit to heal. He just wanted to look tough and cool I front of her.

But Xavier then thought for a bit and wondered what had happened to Yolana those days that she was gone and asked, "So what happened to you? I haven't seen you almost all week.

" Yolana, "Well I didn't want to see you because i was embarrassed and ashamed of what had happened to you. I just couldn't get myself to meet you face to face.

Also I was trying to avoid Vance as well." Xavier, "Oh ok well I'm just glad you're ok." Yolana, "Thanks you're very sweet.

" Xavier was blushing a little since he wasn't complimented much by girl's especially ones as pretty as Yolana. Things had started to become better and they were talking and laughing a bit.

Soon they got to the park. They started to walk through it and followed the path.

It was a little bit long but nonetheless Xavier was glad to be walking with her and that she didn't have nothing to do with what Vance did. They walked until they came upon a little bridge.

There was a walkway on top and had a tunnel going underneath it. They entered the tunnel and Yolana stopped abruptly in the middle.

It surprised Xavier a little and asked, "What's wrong Yolana you scared or something?" And after he uttered those words he heard a voice say, "Nah, she was just waiting for us to come out.

" Xavier's eyes got big as he realized who it was and turned back to the exit of the tunnel and saw Vance and one of his friends walked out from the shadows of the tunnel.

Vance, "Good job Yolana come over here." Yolana walked past Xavier who tried to reach a hand out for her and Vance said, "You touch her you're dead." Xavier stopped and put his hand down.

He was about to slowly back our of the tunnel when he noticed Vance's other friend block it essentially trapping him.

Vance, "Aww don't look so scared it's just old friends meeting again isn't it? I mean come on you didn't expect me to just leave you alone after that first beating.

It's like I told you before when you got me arrested I'm going to make your life a living hell."Xavier knew exactly what he was talking about.

It was when he was a 10th grader and a year after all the drama with Kara. Vance was beating on a kid and Xavier stepped in and intervened.

This was when school was let out for the day and Vance and his friends were wailing on a kid who was bleeding and had suffered a lot of injuries. So Xavier called the cops.

Vance and his friends were Seniors and they got arrested and were thrown in jail for awhile. Xavier thought that he was going to be in there for a long time but I guess he got out.

Vance had held onto that grudge for a long time. Vance, "Now now you piece of shit why don't you get on your knees and let me just finish you off right now.

As nice as it is beating the crap out of you. I'm afraid I am too busy for such a menial task. I'll just beat you as much as I can till I'm satisfied or you're dead whichever comes first.

" Xavier was looking at Yolana and was hoping for reassurance that she did it against her will but instead all he got from her was a smile

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