My Roommate Pt. 8
My Roommate Pt. 8 comedy stories
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Just as things seemed to be looking up for Xavier, Yolana makes her return but for what exactly? Not to mention tension between Xavier and Kara seem to be rising again due to this reappearance.

My Roommate Pt. 8

A few days had gone by since Xavier returned to the hospital and his injuries were healing fairly well. The bruising in his face was almost gone and he could move a lot better then before.

Today he was going to go back for a check up and to see if he could get the bandages around his chest removed.

Xavier had to take the day off from classes to do this however which, was something he wasn't excited about. He got up in the morning around 8 and by then Kara was already awake as well.

She was on her phone killing time till she had to go to class. She saw him starting to get ready and asked, "Where are you going?" Xavier being the smartass that he is said, "Crazy.

" Kara, "You already did that last Friday didn't you?

" Xavier didn't have a comeback for that and just shook his head and said, "I'm going to the hospital for a check up and to see if I could get these bandages removed.

" Kara, "Ahh ok just make sure not to get into any street fights on the way there." Xavier, "I'll try not to. But we both know I have a very punchable face." Kara, "Yea that's true.

Well just make sure not comeback as a bloody pulp." Xavier, "Yea yea whatever. Imma go now see you later." Kara, "Alright later." Xavier then grabbed his keys and walked out the door.

He got to the bottom and walked out. It was a nice day good for walking but he didn't want to spend all days going to the hospital.

So he just decided to walk to main street of the campus to get picked up by a Dryvr. He had requested for a ride as he started walking so he could meet at as soon as he got there.

As he was walking he started to think about what had happened the past few days he couldn't help but wonder what happened to Yolana.

Since after that whole ordeal she hasn't been at school nor has she texted or called. Normally he would be pissed but to him it seemed like she did it against her will.

But he didn't have time to dwell on it for too long since he got to where he was supposed to meet his Dryvr and as soon as he walked up his ride got there.

He got in and was on his way to the hospital. It didn't take long to get his check up done and was in and out in about 2 hours.

He got the bandages on his hands removed and the ones on his face as well. His ribs still needed time to heal so doctor bishop told him not to do anything to strenuous for about 6 weeks.

He then started to walk back to the dorm since he felt happy about his check up. He stopped by a convenience store along the way and got a few snacks.

He even got Kara a drink and snack that just goes to show how much of a good mood he was in. Also it was the least he could do for what she did.

He honestly didn't know what he could to repay her for that.

But the thoughts of the past still well up from the depths of his brain and still get him pretty pissed and depressed but so far he's been doing well to suppress those feelings.

But nonetheless he got the stuff he paid for and walked back to the dorm.

It took about an hour to get back to the dorm which, was a nice walk to Xavier since he had been cooped up for the past few days so he was glad to be out.

He walked in and as soon as he did he heard a voice that he hadn't heard in a while. Standing in the lobby with her friends was Yolana.

He saw her standing on the other side of the lobby from where he came in. He looked at her briefly and walked off.

Yolana saw him as well and called out to him, "Xavier you got a minute?

" And Xavier did the only thing a person could do at that moment he ignored her and walked to the elevator which, thankfully opened as soon as he got to it.

Yolana was about to walk after him but the elevator already closed. Xavier didn't want to deal with her since he was having such a good day.

He got to his floor and walked to his room and opened it up. Kara was still on the bed jamming out to her music. She saw the door open and saw Xavier come walking in.

She smiled at him and noticed the bags that he had. She was very curious as to what were in them.

He put them on his desk and laid down in bed and covered his eyes with his arm as he wanted to relax a bit. Kara waited a bit making sure he fell asleep and started making her way to bags.

She got to them very quietly and started to peek into one of them when Xavier said, "The stuff in the right bag are yours. Kara was caught off guard and said, "Oh shit you scared me you asshole.

I thought you were asleep." Xavier, "No I just wanted to scare the crap out of ya since I knew you couldn't resist looking into the bags." Kara, "Ha ha very funny jackass.

" She grabbed the bag and walked to her bed to see what was in it.

She sat down and opened it up and saw that he had gotten her some of the favorite snacks that she still enjoyed even to this day. She looked at what was in them and looked at him.

She never thought he would still remember. Xavier, "I didn't know what you liked so I just got you what you use to eat when we were kids so I hope that's ok.

" Kara, "Yea i don't know some of it gets me bloated now." Xavier, "Ok I can just eat them myself then." Kara, "Buuut I can make an exception just this one time.

" She tried to be a smartass but almost backfired. Just as she was about to dig in there was a knock on the door.

Xavier, "Would you be a dear and get the door?" Kara, "Psh what am I your maid ask right." Xavier sighed, "Would you please get the door.

" Kara, "There now was that so hard?" Xavier, "Yes it was it took every cell in my body for me to say it." Kara, "Yea yea whatever.

" She walked to the door and opened it and to her surprise there was a girl standing there and Kara asked, "Uhh hi is there something I can do for you.

" Girl, "Uhh does Xavier live here?" Kara was a bit puzzled as to why a girl would ask about him of all people. Girl, "If he does tell him my name is Yolana and I wish to speak to him.

" Xavier heard who was at the door and fell off the bed and scrambled to hide. He hit the floor and hurt himself since his ribs were still healing.

He winced in pain and his behind the outcropping of the wall where the bathroom was.

Kara looked back to call out to Xavier but wasn't on the bed and looked puzzled and walked into the room a bit and saw Xavier hiding.

He looked at her and mouthed to her, "Tell her I'm not here." Kara pretended to still be looking around and walked back to the door and said, "Uhh sorry he isn't here.

" Yolana, "Oh I saw him comeback and thought he would be back in his room." Kara, "Yea I don't know he might be at a friends room somewhere on this floor.

I'll let him know you came over when he gets back." Yolana, "Ok would you please I would appreciate it thanks." Kara, "Ok well see you." Yolana, "Ok bye.

" Kara closed the door and Yolana walked off. Xavier was so relieved he slid to the floor and let out a sigh of relief.

Kara walked over to him and said, "Ok what was all that about?

" Xavier looked at her and knew he had to answer very carefully or else he'd have to worry about not going back to the hospital again.

Xavier got up and said, "Well you know the day I went out and came back as a bloody pulp?" Kara with and intrigued voice, "Yea go on." Xavier, "Well I was on my way to meet her or so I thought.

But instead I got set up and someone from high school was there and beat the daylights out of me." Kara, "Who I can't think of anyone who would want to do that.

" Xavier, "Well this was after I transferred so you wouldn't know him." Xavier then walked over to his bed and sat down and Kara followed suit. Kara, "So what are you going to do about her?" Xavi

er, "I honestly don't know. I'm thinking of talking to her." Kara, "Are you stupid she is probably just going to set you up and have that guy finish you off." Xavier, "Yea I know but I don't thin

k she will this time. Plus she might be trying to reach out for help." Kara, "You? Help? Look at what they did to you last time. You sure you're in any good condition to be helping that bitch?" X

avier got a bit mad, "Why do you all of a sudden care now. Where was this when I was trying to help you back then huh?" Kara got hurt by what he said but she knew it was true and said, "Whatever

go do what you want see if I care. I ain't going to be here to help you when you get your ass kicked again." Xavier, "Good I never wanted your help." Xavier then got up and stormed out and was go

ing to go for a walk first before talking to Yolana.

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