My Roommate Pt. 6
My Roommate Pt. 6 comedy stories
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The aftermath of the beating that Xavier got. And something a little unexpected at the end as well. Also sorry if I get things wrong with the hospital stuff.

My Roommate Pt. 6

Xavier slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was in a hospital room. He lifted his head a bit and examined the room but no one was there.

His head was still throbbing slightly and his chest was tight and hurt to move. He noticed that he was covered in bandages. His chest was bound and his hands were covered as well.

Not to mention his face was bruised and battered. The swelling had gone down but it still hurt.

He was hooked up to the heart monitor to make sure his pulse was steady in case he was severely allergic to any of the medications he was given. Soon after he woke up a nurse came walking in.

Nurse, "Hey you're finally awake. How do you feel?" Xavier, "Like shit." Nurse, "Well that's to be expected you were beaten pretty badly.

I'll get the doctor he'll explain your injuries to you and what will happen next. So for now get some rest." Xavier just nodded and said, "Thanks." And then the nurse left.

Xavier looked to his left and noticed that the sun was out and it looked to be about noon. He looked over to the door and saw a clock and it pretty much confirmed that it was around 12.

He laid there and slowly his memory of what had happened came back to him.

And the only thing that hurt him the most besides the beating was how Yolana betrayed his trust but not only that but the sadness he saw in her eyes when he saw her that night.

He was pretty angry that he couldn't do anything or even get the chance to defend himself. But before he could get to caught up in beating himself up the doctor walked in.

Doctor, "Hey there I'm Doctor Bishop. How are you feeling?" Xavier, "Horrible." Bishop, "Well that's to be expected you did suffer from a few cracked ribs and not to mention a concussion.

We will be keeping you here for another day then you can decide if you want to go home or not that sound good?" Xavier, "Yea that sounds great.

" Bishop, "Good now then just get some rest I'll have the nurse come check on you every now and then ok?" Xavier just nodded and smiled.

As the doctor was about to walk out Xavier realized he didn't quite know how he even got here he called out to the doctor, "Doctor Bishop.

" The doctor stopped mid step and turned and said, "Yes?" Xavier, "I forgot to ask but how exactly did I get here?

" Bishop, "Ahh about that a girl called for an ambulance and as soon as they arrived they took you but she didn't tag along." Xavier, "Oh ok thank you." Bishop, "No problem.

" He then finally walked off. Xavier laid back in bed and despite having slept for a long time he started dozing off. His eyes got heavy and was soon asleep.

He woke up around 3 a.m. it was dark and very quiet. He looked around and hardly noticed anyone around which, was bad for him since he really needed to use the restroom.

He was got up and noticed he wasn't hooked up to anymore machines probably due to him waking up and being coherent earlier. He got up from bed and walked over to the door of his room's bathroom.

It took a bit longer then it would since he was a little unstable due to drugs and the pain. He managed to make it to door and went in. He did his business without a hitch and washed his hands.

He was walking out when he lost his balance and landed hard on the floor.

That shook his whole body and he was in immense pain but he got on his knees and crawled over to his bed to avoid tripping and falling over again. He shook his head and crawled into bed.

Xavier, "Ok that was totally not worth it. Next time I'm just gonna piss myself." But he knew he didn't have the guts to do that. He laid his head back and tried to get some rest.

He woke up the next morning feeling a bit better despite what had happened early this morning. He got up and was about to walk around when the doctor came in.

Bishop, "Ahh it appears you are feeling better and able to stand up that's very good." Xavier, "Oh yes it's thanks to your care." Bishop, "Nah you give me to much credit.

So how are you feeling really?" Xavier, "Well I'm still a bit sore and still in a little bit of pain but I feel way better then yesterday." Bishop, "I see ok first let me see you walk around.

" Xavier got up again and started walking around. He was way more stable then yesterday and the doctor said, "Good good.

Seems like you're ready to be discharged I'll write out a prescription for your pain then I'll have the nurse help you with the paperwork ok?" Xavier, "Ok sounds great.

" The doctor smiled at him and walked out. Xavier sat on the bed and waited.

It took about an hour to discharged and to get his meds. He walked out and headed back to his dorm.

As he was heading back he thought how weird it was that his family wasn't notified but he figured it was because he was an adult. He waited on a bench and called a Dryvr on the app.

He waited for about 10 mins and his ride came he got in and told him where he wanted to go and was on his way back to the dorm.

It took him awhile to get back due to traffic and such but he was only able to get dropped off at a certain designated site so from there he had to walk.

It was good for him since I'd help him to work his sore muscles. His chest was still bound but it was alright and all he had on his face was just a small bandage and some bruises.

It took him a bit to get back to his dorm building. He stopped at the front of the building and was glad to be back. He walked in and went up to his dorm.

He got to the door and was a bit nervous for some reason. He tried shaking his head but it didn't do anything so he used both of his hands and slapped his face which, was a big mistake.

Kara was on her bed reading a book when he heard a muffled voice go, "Son of a bitch" Kara thought to herself, "Well I guess he's back.

" She got up from her bed and walked to the door and opened it. She was expecting him but didn't quite brace herself for how he was going to look.

She saw him standing there and noticed every single injury he suffered. She wasn't use to see him like that but she snapped out of it and said, "It's about time you got back.

" Xavier was a bit relieved to hear her say that knowing all to well what she meant. Xavier, " Yea well I just wanted to enjoy some more peace and quiet before I got back to your loud mouth.

" He walked in and despite him being rude and a pain in the butt Kara was a little happy to have him back.

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