My Roommate Pt. 4
My Roommate Pt. 4 comedy stories

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We pick up after Kara got back and heard Xavier call her name out in his sleep. Not to mention we see Xavier already make a new friend or could it be something more?

My Roommate Pt. 4

Kara froze and thought she was going to be in trouble for waking him up. She waited there for a few seconds and she actually held her breath.

Then he rolled over in bed and released a big sigh of relief. It was loud and she instantly covered her mouth when she realized how loud it was.

She waited again a few more seconds but Xavier didn't move a bit. So she finally relaxed and got ready for bed. She put on some comfortable clothes in the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Once she was done with that she went to bed. She laid there for a few minutes then she finally realized that he said her name in his sleep.

Her eyes were wide open when she came to that realization and for another hour she wracked her mind trying to figure out why.

Her first thought was, "Maybe he was dreaming of a way to kill me on my sleep. No that can't be it. Or maybe he was dreaming of a way to pull a prank on me. That seems more like his style.

" She then finally realized how late it was and then decided, "Ahh screw it I shouldn't even be worried about what he dreams of that prick." She then rolled over and finally drifted off to sleep.

Xavier woke up in the morning with that dream still fresh in his mind. "Well what a weird dream that was. More heartbreaking then anything.

" He looked over to Kara who was still asleep and just shook his head and said, "Why in the world did I even dream about that loser." He then got up and started getting ready for class.

He only had one class today but it was towards the afternoon.

But he just decided to get up early and explore the campus some more since it was pretty big and he hadn't seen the whole campus yet. He got ready and was soon out the door.

He barely got out of the dorm elevator when he spotted a familiar face. It was the girl from yesterday and she was talking to some of her friends across the lobby.

He was going to say hi to her but being the introvert that he was got too nervous and just kept walking.

But before he could get to the door he heard her say, "Hey Xavier is that you?" He stopped and under his breath he said, "Ahh shit.

" He turned around and said, "Oh hey Yolana nice to see you again." It wasn't like he hated the fact that she noticed him.

But it was the fact that he gets nervous when he talks to a group of people especially girls. Yolana, "What a coincidence. I didn't know we were in the same dorm.

" Xavier laughed nervously and said, "Exactly right? What are the odds.

" He was standing by the door and Yolana was still standing with her friends and before the conversation could get any further Xavier said, "Well I better get going I got some stuff to do.

See you around." And before he could walk out Yolana did something he didn't expect and said, "Hey wait is it ok if I get your number? It's ok if you don't want to though.

" Xavier was surprised and said, "Ok sure. He got his phone out and looked up his number since he just recently changed it and couldn't quite remember what it was.

Then he gave Yolana his number and she said, "Thanks maybe if you aren't busy we can text." Xavier, "Yea sure that sounds good. See ya." Yolana, "Bye.

" Xavier then walked out of the building and was quite overjoyed that he made a friend and actually got someone's number.

Xavier was excited but he still had things to do and tried to not let it distract him.

He walked around the parts of the campus he hadn't seen yet and was getting familiar with the area in case he ever had any classes in that area.

He walked around and noticed that area was mainly sports and recreational related. He saw the football team practicing as well as other sports teams.

He was never really big on sports but he did try going out for the football team once. But that didn't end very well.

Let's just say that he ended up with a concussion before the first week of tryouts were even over. He shook his head trying not to remember that embarrassing part of his high school life.

He then started to make his way towards the food court since it was getting close to lunch time. He browsed the food stalls for a bit and just decided to get a chicken sub.

He ordered his food and sat down to eat. He the pulled out his phone and then decided to send Yolana a text.

He hesitated at first wondering if it was too soon to text her or he might be bother her if he did. In the end he just decided to send her one.

"Hey Yolana I got done with the stuff i needed to do and decided to get some lunch. What about you?" Xavier was very awkward when it came to texting but he tried his best.

He put his phone down and before he was able to take a bite his phone buzzed. Yolana, "Oh that's great what are you eating?" Xavier, "Uhh just a chicken sub.

" He then put down his phone again and was about to take a bite when his phone buzzed again. "That sounds yummy. You're lucky I haven't been able to get some to eat yet.

" Xavier, "Well why don't you try and get something to eat?" He hit send and put his phone down. And then he tried to take a bit of his sub when the phone buzzed once more.

And Xavier goes,"Motherfu..." in a slightly high pitched tone and decided to eat a bit before he replied. He took a few bites and looked at his phone.

Yolana, "I can't right now I am in class and It doesn't end for another 30 mins. Rip." Xavier, "Oof talk about bad luck I shall pray for you.

" They texted back and forth for the rest of lunch and until Xavier started class. Xavier, "Anyways I gotta go class is about to start. I'll text ya again when I'm done.

" Yolana, "Alrighty talk to you and later I'm off to get something to eat as well talk to you later.

" The rest of the afternoon went by pretty fast for Xavier but at the same time he was dead tired. Once class was over he dragged his tired butt back to his dorm.

He barely made it back to the dorm since it was a long walk and he contemplated taking a nap on a few of the benches along the way but decided it would be way better if he

went straight home instead. He got to elevator and went in. He pressed the button for the 7th floor. The elevator started up and was moving slowly.

Once he got to his floor he walked out and swiftly went to his room. Hw put the key in and unlocked it. And as he walked in he realized Kara was there.

She was laying on her bed watching videos on her phone.

He saw that she had her earphones in and wouldn't notice him so he decided to quietly grab his comfortable clothes and get dressed in the bathroom.

Once he was dressed he came out and made his way to his bed. He got to it and collapsed onto it and said, "Oh God I would marry this bed if I could." Kara, "Knowing you, you probably would.

" Xavier, "You're damn right I would." Kara, "Psh loser." Xavier, "Dumbass." Kara, "Hurry and go to sleep." Xavier, "I would but your annoying voice is keeping me awake.

" Kara, "Oh ha ha very funny. Hurry and sleep." Xavier, "With pleasure." Xavier then rolled over and tried to sleep when his phone buzzed. Xavier, "Oh you have got to be kidding me.

" Kara, "Ha that's what you get." Xavier, "Shut up." He then rolled over and picked up his phone and looked at it.

It was a message from Yolana and she asked, "So hey if you aren't busy would you like to grab something to eat this evening?

" Xavier didn't want to deline her offer since he barely made friends with her and said, "Ok sure." Yolana, "Great let's meet down in the lobby in 30 mins." Xavier, "Ok will do.

" Xavier put his head into the pillow and let out an annoyed sigh and got up put of bed and grabbed the clothes he was wearing. Kara, "What are you doing.

" Xavier, "What does it look like I'm doing." Kara, "With you i don't know what stupid thing you'll be doing next.

" Xavier went into the bathroom and got dressed and when he came out he laid back on his bed and said, "I'm going to try and take a quick nap. So please for the love of God stay quiet.

" Kara, "Sure ,sure whatever you say." It wasn't too long before Xavier fell asleep. 31 mins had passed and Xavier quickly woke up and said, "Oh crap I'm going to be late.

" Kara got scared at how fast he got up and said, "What the crap asshole." Xavier, "Sorry wish I could argue but I gotta go see ya." Kara looked at him puzzled as he went out the door.

She was left wondering what in the world was he up to.

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