My Roommate Pt. 16
My Roommate Pt. 16 comedy stories

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Ha you guys thought it was dead but you were wrong. Sorry for the long absence I wasn't feeling well so i put this one hold. It isn't as long as what you are all use to but just bear with me as I try and get back into the swing of things. But as always I hope you all enjoy

My Roommate Pt. 16

Kara was able to fall back asleep after that weird dream and was able to sleep until he alarm went off again at 9 a.m.

she got up and was still a bit groggy and sleepily made her way to the bathroom to take a shower. She got in and was able to take a nice hot shower.

It was able to wake her up and not feel as tired but she still needed coffee. She got out and started putting on a little bit of makeup to make her look a little more nice.

She dried her hair and then started getting ready. Once she got ready she was out the door but she made sure she had her keys and phone and all that she needed for the day.

She walked to the elevator and soon was out of the dorms and on her way to class. But before she went to class which, was at 11.

She stopped by a little breakfast place to grab some coffee and something to eat. She got something light but got a large coffee. She liked her coffee a bit sweet with a lot of creamer.

It was something that she always enjoyed since she was a kid. She got her cup and her breakfast sandwich and was off to class.

She ate as she walked and finished the sandwich before she got to class. But as she walked she couldn't help but feel as though someone was watching her.

She remembered Quinn was still around and thought that it was him so she shrugged it off but still was very cautious. She got to class and sat in there for an hour.

It was a short class but was held every two days. She sat through the lecture and was able to go to lunch. That was her only class for the day but she actually quite liked it a lot.

She went to the food court to eat and decided to get some sushi. She went to a sushi place that was there and ordered.

It was about a 10 minute wait and she started eating as soon as she got it and just was she was finishing eating a voice said to her,

"Well that's unusual you usually have a sub sandwich or a pizza right around now." Kara froze up since she recognized the voice as he started to softly place his hands on her shoulders.

She tensed up and felt very uncomfortable. Quinn, "Oh someone's feeling stressed. Let me fix that." He said as he tried to massage her shoulders. This just made Kara felt way more uncomfortable.

It took a bit for her to get gather the courage to push him off and said, "Leave me alone you creep." She shrugged him off and she got up and quickly left.

She had left her trash there which, she felt bad about but she just needed to get out of there. She had all her stuff luckily and just headed straight back to her dorm.

Quinn was left standing there smiling since he took pleasure in stressing her out.

Kara was walking down the sidewalk when luckily Xavier walked out of the library out the library that was on the way to the dorm.

He stood there for a bit and was about to walk off when Kara called out to him, "Xavier wait up." Xavier stopped and saw Kara and waited.

She was glad that he did since she didn't have to walk back to the dorm alone. It was broad daylight but Quinn didn't even care which, scared her even more.

She got to Xavier and he could tell from the look on her face that something bad had happened.

Xavier, "Hey are you ok?" Kara was trying to not show her emotions the best she could and said, "Uhh yea no." Xavier, "Do you want to talk about it?" Kara, "Maybe later.

" She didn't really want to tell Xavier even tho he knew of the situation with Quinn. She didn't really want to bother him with her own problems.

Kara, "Can I just walk back with you?" Xavier, "Yea sure no problem. Is it ok if we stopped to get a drink first?" Kara, "Yea sure." They walked for bit with an awkward silence.

Xavier wanted to say something but he didn't know what exactly to say or do. He just left it since he thought she just wanted time to think.

But Kara really wanted him to comfort her in some way but nothing happened. They got to the drink place and ordered some drinks.

Xavier had gotten a blended Mango blast and Kara got an iced Kiwi drink. They sat there for a bit. Although it was quiet Kara had actually felt a bit safe with Xavier around.

She knew that Quinn wouldn't go near her with Xavier around. They drank their drinks for a bit when Kara asked, "Can we head back now?" Xavier, "Yea sure let's go." They got up and left.

They walked for a bit when Xavier thought he should say something to comfort her since she was clearly in distress. Xavier, "You know you can tell me anything. I'm here for you.

You don't have to feel like you are troubling me ok?" That was all that he could think of to say but to Kara it meant a lot and she said, "Yea thanks.

" She smiled at him which, Xavier hadn't really seen in a long time and was happy that he put a smile on her face.

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