My Roommate Pt. 15
My Roommate Pt. 15 comedy stories
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This is a little what if story about what would've happened if things played out differently for Kara and Xavier back then. It is a little cheesy but I hope you all like it. Enjoy

My Roommate Pt. 15

Kara was fast asleep but soon started to have a weird dream. She was back in high school and it was the morning of a school day.

She had gotten up and it was 6 months after Xavier had moved after that whole incident back in junior high. Now she was in her freshman year and it was about a month into the school year.

She was already too lazy to but got out of bed and walked like a zombie to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day.

She was usually very sleepy until she turned on the shower and the cold water would hit her face.

It would instantly wake her up and then she'd turn it to warm and proceed to have a regular shower.

After she got done she wrapped a towel around her and also immediately started blow drying her hair.

She usually did this until it felt mostly dry since she didn't really like it when her hair was wet.

Once it got dry enough she stopped and started brushing her teeth and her other daily routines. After that she got her clothes on and by then her mom called out to her.

Her mom, "Kara! Breakfast is ready.

" Kara, "Ok! I'll be down in a bit!" She got the last of her stuff ready and made sure her clothes looked right and grabbed her bag and headed downstairs and put her bag by the door.

She went into the kitchen and sat at the table. By then it was already 7 in the morning. Her mom had made scrambled eggs with toast and sausage links.

It smelt great and she started eating when her mom said the weirdest thing to her.

Her mom, "So Kara will you be walking to school today with Xavier or are you two still trying to be secretive?" Kara stopped mid bite and squinted at her and was really confused.

"Secretive about what exactly?" It was then that she realized that she was back in high school and that started to freak her out.

Kara's mom, "You know about you two going out?" By now Kara was already really confused and said, "But didn't Xavier move away six months ago?

" Now her mom had a look of confusion on her face and said, "No he didn't.

His dad rejected the promotion and stayed here remember?" Kara felt like she was about to go crazy because of all what her mom was saying and said, "Uh...wha...umm...

ok so Xavier didn't move?" Her mom, "No he didn't. You of all people should know since you were the one he was able to get him to stay.

" Kara's confusion kept getting worse and worse she just said, "Uhh forget it." She quickly ate and got her stuff ready and headed out, "Ok mom see you this afternoon.

" Her mom, "Ok sweetie see you." Kara walked out and was curious if her mom was right or not.

So she walked across the street and looked into the window of Xavier's house and sure enough there he was eating breakfast with his parents before he left for school.

She backed away from the window and pulled put her phone to make sure that the date wasn't off or anything. She opened her phone and it was September 6, 2014, 6 months after Xavier had moved.

Kara was freaking out and just then Xavier came walking out of his house and saw Kara standing there and he said, "Hey Kara.

So I'm guessing you finally wanted to go to school together for once?

" Kara opened her mouth to answer but didn't know what to say so he thought about it for a second when Xavier said, "Helllooo Kara you ok?

" Kara then finally answered, "Yea I decided to finally go together today." Xavier, "Oh great. Then we better get going before we're late. You know how Mr. Tims can be with Tardiness.

" He then started walking but Kara was hesitant for a bit but then started following along.

They were walking for a bit and they weren't talking much since Kara was still trying to wrap her head around everything.

Xavier was concerned about her and asked, "Are you sure you're ok? You're not sick are you?" Xavier then stopped her and put his hand on her forehead.

She was a bit surprised and kind of flustered. Xavier held his hand there for a bit and then said, "You're kind of buring up you sure you're ok?" Kara, "Uhh yea I am.

Don't worry about me I'll be ok." They started walking and she shook her head and tried to snap herself out of her confusion and calm down.

First she had to figure out what exactly was going on so she opened her phone and went through her messages.

It took awhile to read through everything and then she finally got to Xavier's batch of messages.

She did all that while walking with Xavier and they were getting close to school but Kara had sometime to look through it.

She scrolled through all of it reading and realized what her mom said was true.

She had managed to get Xavier to stay and not only that but as she read she actually found out that they were actually dating. Apparently things played out differently back then.

She had listened to Xavier and broke up with Trevor. She then also found out that Xavier was telling the truth when she broke up with him since he got mad and told her everything to spite her.

Not only that but in the time where Xavier had been suspended he wasn't since the fight never happened and Xavier went to school normally.

So because of that Xavier told her of him moving and while dealing with that whole crisis of getting him to stay she realized how she felt about him and when they thought he was about

to move Xavier asked her out and she said yes and they started dating. But by some strange twist Xavier was able to stay.

Him asking her out played a role in it since Xavier's parents always liked her so they made the exception and stayed so they wouldn't be too far apart.

So since then they had been going out for five months and apparently she had been trying to keep a secret from everyone.

She was able to find all that out over the course of the morning and when lunched rolled around she was pretty much caught up on all that had happened.

But even then she was still confused as to why this all happened. She was in her class when the lunch bell rang and she walked out to the cafeteria.

She was walking when her friends Maria and Abby caught up to her and Maria said, "So when are you going to finally have lunch with Xavier? I know you've been dying to eat with for awhile.

" Abby, "Yea why are you keeping it so secret everyone practically knows you two are dating.

" Kara couldn't get a word in until they finally gave her a chance to talk and she thought about it and said, "Well it's just that it doesn't feel real I'm still trying to process all of it.

" Which, was true in more way then one so Abby said, "It's been five months if anything was going to happen it already would of so don't be scared and enjoy it.

" Kara then said, "Yea I guess you're right. I'll go look for him." Maria, "Finally damn took you long enough." Kara, "Oh shut it." She smiled at them and was off.

She finally found him laying under the gazebo in the courtyard of the school. She had bought herself some lunch and decided to surprise him. She walked very quietly and snuck up on him.

She threw a sandwich at him and it hit him in the face. He was caught by surprise and quickly got up and looked at Kara. He smiled and shook his head then said, "You're such an ass.

" Kara, "Of course that's one of my nest qualities." Xavier, "Yea true if you weren't then you'd be boring." Kara, "ha ha very funny." She then sat beside him and started eating. Xavier got his s

andwich and started eating as well and said, "I'm surprised that you actually wanted to eat lunch together." Kara, "Yea well. I just thought I might as well enjoy it while it lasts." Xavier, "Dam

n you it sound like we're going to break up tomorrow or something." Kara, "Well you never know lots of crazier stuff has happened." Xavier, "Yea I guess you're right." They then started talking a

bout whatever and talked all lunch break. Before they knew it lunch was over. Xavier got up and helped Kara up afterwards. Kara, "Oh such a gentlemen." Xavier, "Ahh I try my best." They then walk

ed back to class together. The day zoomed by and school was over for the day. Kara had texted Xavier before and asked him to wait for her by the gates so they could walk home together. He did and

Kara was happy to see him. She ran up to him and they were soon walking home. As they were walking Kara moved closer Xavier and slid her fingers in between Xavier's. He was looked at her and was

surprised but he softly tightened his grip and they walked home. They decided to take a detour and look at the river which, wasn'tto far from their houses. They walked along the edge for a bit t

aking in the beauty. They then sat on a bench under a tree and Xavier said, "You know? You make me very happy. I honestly don't know what I would do without you." Kara felt really guilty after he

aring that. It started to make her tear up a bit and Xavier looked at her and asked, "Are you ok?" Kara looked at him and said, "I honestly don't know anymore." Xavier was confused on what to say

and said, "It'll be fine you have me. I'm sure you'll get over whatever it is that you're going through. You've always been a strong person who was able to get over any hurdle that you faced. So

I'm sure this will be no different." Xavier was embracing her and giving her words of encouragement but it made her feel even more guilty because in the back of her mind the events of before wou

ld always creep up and make her feel even more guilty because of how bad she treated him. Xavier then said, "Hey look me." Kara slowly looked at him and when she did he wiped away her tears and s

aid, "Everything will be absolutely ok. I'm here for you and always will be ok?" She did everything in her power to hold her tears back trying not to look at him. She then slowly looked at him an

d when their eyes met he gave her a soft smile. They looked at each other for a moment and slowly started to lean in for a kiss and just before their lips touched her alarm clock started going of

f and scared the crap out of her. She got up and quickly looked around and realized it was all a dream. Kara was breathing hard and said to herself, "Ok I'm never eating fast food at midnight."

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