My Roommate Pt. 14
My Roommate Pt. 14 comedy stories
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Today we see Xavier possibly make a new friend and fulfill a debt to Kara.

My Roommate Pt. 14

Xavier woke up the next morning and yawned and stretched. He rubbed the sleepiness out of his eyes and got out of bed.

He looked over to Kara who was still asleep and thought, "Should I play a prank on her or do I like being alive?

" He actually thought about it for a bit and decided, "Ehh I still want to enjoy pizza." And went into the bathroom and started getting ready for the day.

He took a shower and when he got out he brushed his teeth then went out to get his clothes because he forgot to take them into the bathroom.

He got his clothes and went into the bathroom and got ready. He walked out and unplugged his phone and got all that he needed together and headed out.

He made sure the door was locked and that no one could get in especially now since Quinn was around.

He got to the lobby and was thinking of where to eat for breakfast because he desperately needed some coffee right about now.

He walked over to a small coffee shop not to far from the dorm and walked in. He waited in line which, was kind of long already.

He was in no rush since today he had classes in the afternoon and was only going to the library to do some studying.

It was his turn to order and this was his first time he was there and didn't know what to order. But what caught his eye was a section called "All day pick me ups." And it had a list of drinks.

He looked at it for a bit and decided to get a drink called a "All Day Rumbler." And asked for it to be blended. He told them his name and waited for a bit.

He got on his phone and decided to grind out some events on the gacha game he liked to play. He didn't have enough time to get past the loading screen when the person called out for him.

Cashier, "Xavier." He got up and got his drink and took a sip. It was sweet and with that one sip he already felt it working. He got a boost of energy and was on his way.

He looked at the cup to see what name they had written and he chuckled when he saw that it was written as "Xavyer" He shook his head and continued walking. He got to the library and walked in.

He was there for some reading material on a person he was doing a report on in his history class. The library was pretty big so he walked over to the student librarian and asked for help.

Xavier, "Uhh can you help me find this book?

" He then gave her the name and she looked it up in the system and said, "We only have one copy of that book and luckily for you it hasn't been checked out yet.

" The librarian then told him which, section it was in. Xavier, "Thanks a lot for you help." Librarian, "No problem.

" Xavier walked to the table he had his stuff at and grabbed his drink and sipped on it as he looked for the book.

He was looking for it and at the same time browsed and looked at the selection they had. It was pretty extensive and had many interesting topics. He finally got to his book and pulled it out.

He went back to the librarian and asked to check it out. And she said yea and went through the process of doing that. His student I.

D doubled as a library card so he didn't have to sign up for anything. He got his book after she was done and took it to the table and started to read through it.

The person he chose was pretty interesting. He was an old time explorer and had a very extensive history.

He was starting to regret choosing him but he was interesting enough to keep him from changing the person he wanted to study on.

He was already more then half way through his drink by the time he got all that he needed and was starting too wiz through the book. He took notes at the same time and was going pretty good.

But soon he realized that he lost track of time and saw that it was almost noon.

He got his stuff together and was about ready to leave when he saw another person talking to the librarian talking about book. That was when the librarian pointed at him and he was like oh crap.

He had gotta very jittery from his drink and moved a bit quicker to put his stuff away but before he could take off the person was already at his table and said,

"Uhh do you happen to have the Philosophy of Garen Taylor do?" Xavier, "Uhh yea I was supposed to do a report on him.

" Then the person did the unexpected and got on his knees and asked, "Please man I need that book too. I chose him as my topic for my philosophy class.

" Xavier was a bit reserved to help the guy but then said, "I'm sorry man I am already using it." The guy, "Aww come on. Please I'm begging you to let me use it.

" Xavier, "Why should I? I don't even know you." The guy, "Ok well my name is Tom Harris. Nice to meet you. Now can I use the book.

" Xavier sighed and said, "Look how about we get lunch together and I'll think about if we share the book." Tom, "Hmm alright.

" Xavier, "But you are getting your own food got it?" Tom, "Damn cheapskate." Xavier, "Yea, yea whatever hurry let's go. I'm starving.

" Tom got his stuff and walked out of the library with Xavier and they were off to get lunch. They got to the food court and were starting to get their food.

It took about 15 minutes for both of them to get what they wanted and they chose a table near the entrance. Xavier got some hot wings and fries while Tom got a sub sandwich with some chips.

They started to eat and Xavier asked, "So where are you from?" Tom answered, "Uhh well I ain't from the city. I live in a rural area about 20 minutes from here.

I managed to get some scholarships in order to attend this place.

What about you where are you from?" Xavier, "Well I moved around a bit during high school but I originally grew up on the outskirts of the city in the suburbs.

" Tom, "Yea I could tell by the way you acted. People who grew up in the city tend to act very differently then ones who grew up in the rural areas.

But you seem a but nicer then the other city people.

" Xavier, "Oh really? So are we all rude in your eyes or something?" Tom, "Oh no it's just that it's rare to meet someone who is from the city that gives off a friendly vibe like you.

" Xavier, "Ehh well not all city people are bad. It's just very hard to find nice ones since living in the city can get monotonous and can wear you down.

But we do it to survive you know?" Tom, "Yea true it's a little easier in the rural areas since we have more freedom and less stress.

So what are you studying in?" Xavier, "I am studying to get my business degree then maybe go into something else.

" Tom, "Oh really like what?" Xavier, "Ahh I don't quite know yet still thinking about that. What about you?" Tom, "Yea I have no idea yet.

I'm just trying to get some of my core classes out of the way yet before I decide on my major." They talked all through lunchtime and actually got to know each other quite well.

Xavier, "Alright how about we each get a day with the book. We can meet each other at the coffee shop near the dorms and trade the book back and forth till we are done with it.

Sound good to you?" Tom, "Yea that sounds good. Thanks for allowing me to share the book with you. I honestly had no idea what I would have done if you didn't let me.

" Xavier, "Nah don't worry about it. You seem like a trustworthy guy so I'm happy to share. Anyways I have to get going my class starts soon. Here take the book first.

" Xavier rummaged through his bag and pulled the book out and handed it to Tom. Tom took the book and said, "Alright thanks. I'll make sure to give it to you tomorrow.

" Xavier, "Ok well see you tomorrow man, later." Xavier waved at him and took off to class.

Xavier got through his afternoon classes and dragged his tired self back to the dorm. He made it back to room barely and went straight to his bed.

Kara was on her bed reading, "Oh look at what the cat dragged in." Xavier, "Not tonight, I'm really tired." Kara, "Yea being a dumbass can be very tiring." Xavier groaned and said, "I'd get back

at you but I'm too tired. You win tonight." Kara, "Oh yea where is my burger?" Xavier said to himself, "Ahh shit." And then said to Kara, "I forgot it. Here order something from this app." He pul

led our his phone and pulled up the app and tossed it to Kara who wasn't paying attention and got hit on the forehead with the phone. Kara, "Oww you ass watch where you are throwing it." Xavier,

"Oh I'm sorry maybe you should pay attention next time. Hurry up and order your food so I can sleep." Kara, "Alright fine." She then started to place her order and confirmed it and tossed it back

to Xavier saying, "Thanks I made sure to get lots of food." Xavier, "You better not have, or else I'm going to kill you when I get up. Anyways night." Kara, "Good night dumbass." Xavier, "Yea, y

ea whatever." He then rolled over and went to sleep

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