My Roommate Pt. 12
My Roommate Pt. 12 comedy stories

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Today we dive into Xavier and Kara's backstory. I hope you guys like it.

My Roommate Pt. 12

Kara without hesitation and with a straight face slammed the door on Quinn. Sadly he wasn't standing close enough to be hit by it but nonetheless Kara was free of him for now.

She then locked the door to make sure he didn't open it up.

She turned to Xavier who looked her with a concerned look and she said, "You didn't see anything got it?" All Xavier could do was nod his head yes.

And before she sat back down on her bed Xavier said, "So who was that?" And after he asked she looked at him with a terrifying glare and Xavier said, "Never mind I forgot I didn't see anything.

" Xavier turned back around in his chair and continued his homework. Kara knew she'd have to tell Xavier eventually but she didn't want to push her problems on him because of how he is.

She knew that Xavier would take it upon himself to try and do something about it. That was just the way he is and has always been even back in junior high.

They had always been close friends as far back as she could remember.

They lived right across from each other so naturally they became friends since they both loved to play outside when they were younger.

They would often visit each other and eat with each other often.

Even as they got older they still hung out whether it be playing video games in Xavier's room or going down to the river to play in the water. They were very close. Until junior high.

They had pretty much been inseparable by then. But one day Kara got asked out by a guy who she had a small crush on at the time.

Xavier didn't really mind at all at that point in time he was actually pretty happy for her. But that's when things started getting bad.

They started seeing less and less of each other despite living so close. She would be out hanging with her boyfriend while Xavier did his own thing.

They would hang out from time to time but they wouldn't really hang out long. Then one day out of the blue Xavier walked up to her and told her to break up with her boyfriend.

She was shocked to hear that at first but because they had been going out for close to 8 months she didn't want to. She thought at the time that she would be with him forever.

It was a classic case of puppy love but a little worse.

Xavier didn't even mention why she should break up with him at the time but Xavier thought she'd take his word and do it but he misjudged how far apart they had grown.

Kara told him that she wouldn't and distanced herself even more from him. But even after she said no Xavier still pushed the subject.

By that point Kara had told her boyfriend what Xavier did but she tried playing it off like it was no big deal. But he boyfriend thought otherwise.

He was actually pretty popular and so he used that to his advantage by spreading rumors about Xavier around school.

They were mostly based on that Xavier was jealous of him and wanted Kara for herself. Xavier being the resilient guy that he is endured the ridicule and the mistreatment.

But all of that came to a head when Xavier finally confronted him.

It was at the beginning of the school week and Xavier a few weeks before all that happened went out to the mall near them to check out some stuff and to browse.

He went over there and while he was there he saw Kara's boyfriend Trevor. He was going to go walk up to him and say hi and such. This was before Xavier told Kara to break up with him.

Xavier was surprised to see him and wanted to talk to him but before he could approach him he saw a girl with him.

At first he thought it was Kara but after looking a bit closer it was actually another girl. He didn't recognize her so he assumed she was from a different school.

Xavier was shocked and didn't know what to do but except to follow them. He thought that it could be his sister or something so he followed just to be on the safe side.

He was following them for about 5 mins and thought that it was his sister that he was with but at the last minute they actually went down a corridor in the mall.

Xavier found that odd and nonchalantly walked by the corridor and looked over and saw them making out. That was when Xavier's worst fear was confirmed.

He couldn't believe that Trevor would do that especially after he'd been going out with Kara for so long. Xavier didn't know what to say to her.

He just decided to tell her to break up with him because he didn't want to tell her what he saw. And that is how that whole downhill spiral started.

And it all came crashing down when one school day Xavier finally decided to approach Trevor. He was fed up with the rumors and Trevor cheating on Kara.

He walked up to Trevor and was just going to talk to him but as he got closer his anger built up and once he got to him it exploded and instead of talking to him he grabbed Trevor by

the shoulder since he was walking down the hall. He grabbed him and turned him towards him and punched him in the face.

Trevor's friends backed off and people were surprised and formed a circle around them since that's what happened during fights. Trevor staggered and stopped himself by leaning against the wall.

Xavier then said, "Leave Kara alone and break up with her you cheating asshole." Trevor, "I have no idea what you are even talking about man. What the hell.

" Xavier, "Quit lying I saw you with that girl at the mall the a few weeks." Trevor, "What are you talking about I was home then with my family.

" He then walked up to him and shoved Xavier. Xavier wasn't having it and pushed him back and said, "Enough of your bullshit I know you are lying.

" As things were getting very heated Kara showed just as Trevor said, "You are just jealous man. Face it she likes me not you and you just can't accept that so you're just lying to break us up.

" Trevor then gave him a devious smirk because he knew that no one would believe Xavier and that pissed him off even more.

He then clenched his fist and punched Trevor again and he then stumbled back against the wall.

Then Xavier pinned him there holding him against the wall with his forearm and started punching him. That was when Kara stepped in and yelled, "Xavier stop it now.

" Xavier turned towards her and backed off. Kara then went to Trevor's side and was making sure he was ok.

She then looked at Xavier and said, "What is wrong with you?" Xavier said, "He was cheating on you. I tried to get him to own up to it.

" Kara, "And you thought that this was the best way?" Xavier, "I didn't intend for it to end up this way.

I just got so angry because he was cheating on you and I couldn't see him do that to you?" And what Kara said afterwards hurt him more then anything ever will. Kara, "No I don't believe you.

I see now that it's just like what Trevor said you like me but I chose him ok stop trying to mess with my relationship. Leave us alone and stay out of my life.

" Hearing those words Xavier was hurt. He wanted to say something but he didn't and just walked off seeing as how there wasn't nothing he could do.

He pushed his way through the crowd and just decided to head home. All those years of friendship thrown away like it was nothing. Xavier broke down as soon as he got home.

His parents were at work all day so he had a key and just got home and went to his room and broke down. The next few days at school was harsh. He ended up in in school suspension for a few days.

But during that time he told his parents that he wanted to transfer to a different school.

And coincidentally his parents were going to have to move to a different city since his dad got a promotion and was going to be the head of an office in that city.

So it came as a blessing to him. It took no less then two weeks to get everything situated and for them to move. During that time Xavier had no contact with Kara at all.

They were moving out on a weekend and Kara and her family actually had planned a trip that day and took off early. So Kara didn't see them get a moving truck and pack all their stuff. But all tha

t day Kara was thinking about what she said to Xavier and thought that she should apologize for that. She still didn't really believe him but since they were friends she wanted to at least say so

rry. So when they got home she went straight over to his house. She knocked on the door and no answer. She tried texting Xavier but of course he didn't respond. She knocked again and still nothin

g. She looked through the window into the living room and saw that it was completely empty. She ran towards the back of the house and looked into the kitchen and it was empty as well. Xavier's ro

om was in the second floor so she couldn't see in there. So she went back to her house and told her parents, "Mom, dad where did Xavier and his family go." Her mom looked at her with a sad look a

nd said, "Umm I hate to say this sweetie but Xavier's dad got a promotion and had to move to a different city for his job." Kara, "What? When did they move?" Kara's dad, "They took off today whil

e we were out?" Kara, "Why didn't you say anything to me?" Her mom, "Well you were pretty angry at him so we thought you wouldn't want to hear anything about him." Kara was going to say something

else but it was true she was really mad at him and probably wouldn't have heard anything about it. So all she answered with was, "Oh well ok. I'm just going to go up to my room" Kara walked to h

er room and laid in her bed. It was already late and the sun was setting. Her window faced Xavier's and usually she would be able to see if he was in or not. But there was nothing. She thought it

was just a bad dream and that she'd wake up and he would be there. But it wasn't and she knew it. She was real guilty because the last things she said to him were awful and was probably the last

things she would probably ever say to him. She got really depressed and was on the verge of tears. And all she could think about was all the times they spent together and now that was all she ha

d left to remember him. She regretted everything and wish she could have done things differently. But all she could do now was just cry.

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