My Roommate Pt. 10
My Roommate Pt. 10 comedy stories
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Ok everyone this is the conclusion of the story arc between Xavier and Yolana. But who is the mysterious guy Quinn and why is Kara so scared of him? With his appearance we dive into why Kara and Xavier still have a deep hatred for each other despite looking like friends.

My Roommate Pt. 10

Xavier finally realized how good an actor she was and how bad he got played for a fool. It stung a bit knowing that someone he considered a friend would do that to him.

Xavier shook his head and asked, "So Yolana there is just one question I gotta ask. Why?" Yolana, "Well the answer is simple you piece of crap. You messed with Vance and got him thrown in jail.

" Xavier being the sarcastic guy that he is answered, "Welllll I mean he did brought upon himself for picking on a poor kid." Yolana, "Why you.

Do you know how long I had to wait for him to get out? It was torture not being able to talk to or see him. I loved him and you took him away from me for two years.

" Vance, "It's ok sweetie at least now we can get our revenge on him." He grabbed her by the waist pulled her close and kissed her.

Xavier remembered that Yolana said they were siblings and he feined throwing up and said, "Ok that just wrong.

" Yolana remembered what she told him and broke the kiss and said, "You pervert we aren't actually related!

" Xavier put his hand in the stomach and raised a finger basically asking them to not to talk for a second and pretended that he was about to throw up and then finally said,

"Yea I ain't the one who is kissing my brother.

" Yolana got very furious and said, "Vance are you just going to let him talk to me that way?

!" Vance was confused for a bit then said to the guy behind Xavier, "Hey idiot grab him and shut him up." The guy then walked towards Xavier and tried to grab him.

But this is exactly what Xavier was waiting for.

As the guy reached out to him Xavier grabbed his arm put over his shoulder and with all his strength flipped him over and Xavier said in a exasperated voice,

"I don't know what the hell you're feeding him but he is to damb big. And on that note I'm out of here toodles." Xavier then turned around and ran as fast as he could.

Vance, "Hey you rat get back here." He and the other guy gave chase as the one Xavier flipped over was barely getting up and then started running after them.

Yolana, "Hey you assholes don't leave me here by myself." But they didn't hear her. She was mad and started walking back to the dorm because she didn't want to be by herself.

Xavier ran back to the entrance of the park and was making his way back to the dorm as well because that was the only safe haven he could think of to go to.

It was late and most of the shops were closed and hardly anyone was walking around so that was more or less his only option.

He ran as fast as he could but the other guys were slightly bigger and more athletic and were slowly catching up to him.

Also not mention he still wasn't fully 100% after the last beating so he was screwed if he didn't get back.

He ran through alleyways and side streets to make it to the dorm but he somehow made a wrong turn and ended up in a courtyard that had no exit.

The other three weren't to far behind so he couldn't escape. But him being a quick thinker he quickly called the police.

He dialed the number and the operator came on, "911 what's your emergency?

" Xavier remembered exactly where he went and said, "I am in trouble some guys are chasing after me and are trying to hurt me.

I don't have much time to talk but I am at 102 west street in the courtyard of the Gladfield apartment conplex.

" Before the operator could answer Xavier hung up and hoped that the operator was sending help.

Usually in a case like that cops take about 10 minutes to respond so all Xavier had to do was hold out for 10 minutes but with something like that 1 minute seems like an eternity.

Soon the other 3 guys showed up and blocked his only exit. Vance, "Well well look at the trapped rat." Xavier, "Really, that's all you could come up with.

" Vance, "Oh you sure know how to get on my nerves." Xavier, "Ehh it's a talent." Vance, "Well you won't have much of anything left after we are finished with you.

" Xavier, "Aww come on can't we settle this with like a game of go fish?" Vance, "Shut up there is no way you are going to weasel your way out of this.

" Xavier, "Wait I thought I was rat? Ehh can't complain to much I guess it is a step up from being a rat." Vance, "Ok that's it I'm getting the first punch.

" Vance ran up to him and expected Xavier to get scared and just take the hit but Xavier had other plans. He dodged to his left and with all his strength punched Vance right in the gut.

It sent him staggering back a bit. Vance gripped his stomach with his hand said, "You little pest.

" Xavier stood there but then started shaking his hand because hitting Vance's stomach was like hitting a wall. Xavier, "Holy shit dude you're ripped gotta appreciate the hustle to be honest.

" The pain finally subsided and Vance was getting ready to go at him again when one of his goons leapt forward first and tried to punch Xavier.

This time Xavier dodged to his right and used all his strength again and uppercutted the goon as hard as he could and that sent him staggering back and he fell backwards just because of

the sheer power Xavier was putting into his punches. Xavier may have been efficient in self defense but he lacked the muscle to really hurt them a lot.

But unlike them he also had brains to go along with his skill. All he was doing right now was just biding his time till the cops show up...hopefully.

Xavier, "Holy crap you guys are just nothing but meat.

How much steroids did you have to use to get that ripped?" One of Vance's goons says, "Oh it's nothing really just a strict diet and training regimen." Vance, "Shut up you dumbass.

" Xavier was having too much fun messing with them despite it being a desperate situation. Vance, "Ok I've had it with you, you bastard." Vance came at Xavier again and tried punching him.

Again Xavier dodged and punched Vance on the side but instead of staggering back like last time Vance took the hit and with his left knee hit Xavier on the side of the chest and sent

him tumbling off to the side. Xavier's luck had run out.

His chest was in serious pain but he got up and slowly started backing off from Vance who said, "Man you are such a pest but this is it for you.

" Xavier in one last ditch effort summed up his last bit of sarcasm and witt pointed to a tree and said, "Hey look a squirrel.

" And without missing a beat all 3 guys looked over to the tree and all at the same time said, "Where?" Xavier, "Oh shit can't believe that worked.

" And quickly got to his feet and ran for the exit of the courtyard and if the time he set was right the cops should so up any second and just as Xavier was about to exit the courtyard they did.

Two police vehicles showed up and arrested the three men. Xavier was relieved and completely exhausted. The police processed the three men and book them into jail pending a trial.

Xavier gave his statement and went to the hospital to get checked out.

Doctor Bishop said, "Well you're ok just that one of your ribs fractured again so more bed rest and you got a couple bruises here and there. But other then that you are completely fine.

You can just get your medication and head home." Xavier, "Alright cool thanks. I'll be on my way now." Dr. Bishop, "Ok be careful now.

And believe it or not I hope to not see you here anytime soon. Take care." Xavier smiled at him and nodded and went home. All that took all night and was early in the morning when Xavier came dra

gging his but back to his dorm. He got back around 7 a.m and walked up to the door and fumbled with his key for a second and opened it up and found Kara awake and pacing back and forth. She saw h

im and was a bit relieved and walked up to him and what he thought was going to be hug ended up with a slap to the face Kara, "Asshole what the hell were you doing out all night." Xavier, "Uhh pl

aying a very intense game of Go Fish. Where do you hell you think I was. I went to meet Yolana and try to help her. But that didn't go as planned but hey at least I only suffered a few bruises an

d a fractured rib. I call that a good days work." Kara, "I call that being a dumbass who doesn't learn his lesson the first time. Next time don't be fooled by a girl like that again or I swear I'

ll beat crap out of you myself." Xavier stood there and got an hour long lecture from Kara about how to be more careful and how not to be tricked so easily. After she was done she went to class a

nd Xavier fell onto his bed and said, "Oh dear lord I think I would have preferred to have been beaten to death then live with her." And he then soon fell asleep. Kara was on her way to class whe

n she met someone from her past that she hoped to never meet again. Kara was walking a guy walked up to her and said, "Oh Kara such a long time. How is my favorite play thing doing?" Kara froze a

nd looked at where the voice came from and said, "Quinn how the hell did you find me?"

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