My Roommate part 2
My Roommate part 2 comedy stories

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I re did part 2 since I felt like it was lacking. So I hope you all enjoy this new one.

My Roommate part 2

Xavier woke up a few minutes after passing out. He was still on the floor and the person who hit him was frantically trying to figure out what to do. He slowly sat up with his head throbbing.

His vision was blurry and was taking some time to see clearly. But soon he felt something warm running down his face.

It streamed from the middle of his forehead down his nose a bit and soon was running down his cheek.

He touched it with his hand and with his blurry vision he could barely make out that it was blood. The girl had noticed he had sat up.

Before she took a step towards him she noticed the blood and said, "Oh my god you have blood running down your face." Xavier, "I pretty much figured that out already." As he showed her his hand.

Soon his vision was starting to clear and the girl standing before him was someone he had not seen in a long time. And frankly he wish he would never see again.

Xavier, "Kara is that you?" Kara, "Xavier?" Xavier, "Huh it is you. This just keeps getting worse." Kara, "Yea you're telling me." Xavier slowly got up and tried making his way to the bathroom.

He was unsteady and every step he took felt as if he was walking on a shaky platform. He made it to the door no thanks to Kara.

He went in and looked into the mirror and saw that the wound wasn't too big but big enough for it to bleed.

He washed off the blood on his face and then looked for a medical kit that he had in the bathroom. He looked in the cabinet under the sink and pulled it out.

He got the band aid and put it on his wound. He has to use one of those medium sized square band aids to cover it since it was kinda big not to mention in the shape of a triangle.

He slowly walked out and saw Kara laying on her bed. Kara looked at him and said, "Damn took you long enough." Xavier,"Well what do you expect? I'm always having to clean up after your mess.

" Kara, "Oh very funny. The hell are you doing here anyways?" Xavier, "I see someone is just as clueless as ever. I live here you dumbass that should be obvious since I have a key.

" Kara, "Who are you calling a dumbass you asshole?" Xavier cringed a bit as he felt a sharp pain in his head and said, "Yea I don't have time to deal with your nonsense I'm going to sleep.

" Kara, "Oh is that how you're really going to end this conversation?" Xavier, "What conversation it's more like an argument.

My head hurts because of your need to do as much harm to me as possible." Kara, "Oh please I didn't even know it was you. For all I knew you could have been a rapist or a stalker.

" Xavier, "Yea right like if anyone would stalk you." He said as he sat down on his bed and laid down.

Xavier, " Leave me alone I got to be up early tomorrow and I don't want to deal with this right now." Kara, "Whatever you say jackass.

" She said as she put on some earphones and turned on her music and soon Xavier was fast asleep.

Xavier woke up the next day with his head throbbing less then yesterday and he looked over to Kara who was still fast asleep.

He laughed to himself at the fact after all these years they meet up like this and end up being roommates no less. He got up from bed and started to get ready.

He went into the bathroom and started taking a shower. He has all his clothes in the bathroom so he doesn't have to walk out in just his towel and risk having the chance of Kara seeing him.

He was soon finished and got dressed and walked out. He was feeling much better and then decided to take a few pain pills to last him through the day.

He got a couple more for later since he had another long day ahead of him again. He got his stuff and was soon out the door. He made sure it was locked and most importantly that he had his key.

Then he was soon on his way to eat some breakfast.

He got to the place he got breakfast from the day before and made his order to go so he could get to class early and goof off on BluTube.

He got to class about 30 minutes early and started to watch the uploads from some of the content creators he is subbed to on there.

About 25 minutes later students started to make their way in and to their seats.

He looked around to see if there were any new faces since people usually change their schedules around for a few days at the beginning of the semester.

A few people had gone but some new people came in. He was curious but definitely didn't want any of them sitting next to him since he sucks at making small talk.

He put his head down again and starting watching his videos again until he heard someone walk up and sit one seat over from him.

He didn't want to look up but his curiosity got the best of him and he slowly raised his head to see who it was. And to his surprise it was a cute girl.

She had short dark brown hair, hazel eyes and fair skin. He stared for a bit because of cute she was but then he shook his head and looked away as to not look like a creep.

Currently he was trying to catch up on his favorite creator by the name of Mini Ladd. He made some pretty funny videos which, Xavier enjoyed a lot.

But before he could really get into the video the girl touched his shoulder. He almost got startled but he maintained his composure.

He took off one side of his earphones and slowly looked at her. She was smiling at him and she said, "Hi I'm Yolana I just barely transferred in.

" Xavier tried his best not to screw himself over and said, "I'm Xavier. I've already been here a day.

" Yolana, "Oh really how is the class so far?" Xavier was bit nervous and said, "Umm so far it's ok. The teacher is pretty nice.

" She then noticed that he was watching his phone and asked, "Oh what are you watching?" Xavier, "Uhh just some BluTube videos.

" Yolana, "Really which, BluTuber are you watching?" Xavier, "Uhh just some guy named Mini Ladd." Yolana, "No way really? I love him. He is so funny.

Did you get to watch his recent Golf it video?" Xavier, "No not yet I'm still tryna catch up on his other stuff first." Yolana, "Trust me you gotta watch it. It is hilarious.

" Before she could say anymore the teacher walked in and began class.

Xavier's day went about like usual despite this morning's surprise. But all in all Xavier had a good day. He was walking home and it was getting kind of late.

His last class ran a bit longer then usual because of how much of a talker his professor is.

He grabbed a little snack along the way since he was just going to go straight to bed after he got back. He ate his little snack and soon made it back to his dorm.

He opened the door and noticed Kara was gone but he didn't mind. It seemed like she was running late as well but he could care less. He got into his night clothes and laid on his bed.

He thought to himself that it must've been a dream that Kara was his roommate but he knew he wasn't since her stuff is obviously there.

He didn't think about anything for too long as he started to doze off and was soon asleep. He then started having a dream about his younger self.

He looked to be around 8 and he was playing with someone else. He couldn't quite make out who it was until the younger name yelled out the girl's name.

Young Xavier, "Come on Kara hurry up let's play on the swings." He then saw a young Kara run by him. Young Kara, "Ok Xavier wait up." This was when they were best friends.

They were really close but now they hated each others guts. But seeing this look little scene play out brought a tear to his eye as he remembered all the good times they had together.

And as the tear went down his face in his dream so did it go down his cheek as he laid in bed.

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