It's ok if I'm not her first Pt. 2
It's ok if I'm not her first Pt. 2 drama stories
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Hey here is part 2 of the story. I actually wrote to much and had to trim it down a bit. But regardless I hope you all enjoy.

It's ok if I'm not her first Pt. 2

Nate was walking back home when he realized, "Oh crap I forgot to give her my phone number. Damn it." He turned around and was debating whether or not he should run after her.

But he eventually decided not since he feared it would make him look desperate. He then just sighed and walked back him.

His shoulders were a little slumped forward as he was hoping to be able to talk to her over the weekend or maybe even play a date with her. But that wouldn't be happening.

He soon got home and walked in. And as usual no one was home since his parents were always working and his little sister was at practice.

The house was empty so he went up to his room and started on his homework. He got done with it fairly quickly. He then walked over to his bed and laid down and got on his phone.

He started scrolling thru and app called Chirp! It was a social media app and was just scrolling through his timeline looking at memes.

But as he was scrolling he came upon a reccomend friend section and was going to scroll right past it when one of the profiles caught his eye. It was Gianna and he clicked on it to make sure.

He looked through he profile for a bit and confirmed that it was. He wondered if he should friend her or if it was over stepping his bounds.

He was very insecure and didn't really know how to be in a relationship. But as he was about to click friend a notification popped up saying Gianna had sent him a friend request.

It kind of scared him and he flinched and dropped his phone on his face. "Son of a bit...

" before he could finish that sentence his phone went ding and he looked at it and Gianna had actually messages him. He was happy and a bit surprised as well.

He opened the message and all she said was "Hi." And he replied with, "Hey" he was nervous and was the only thing he thought of to send.

It took a couple of minutes for her to reply but to him it seemed like an eternity.

When she finally did reply she said? "We didn't get a chance to exchange phone numbers so I decided to look for you on here.

" Nate was surprised she actually did that and replied with, "Yea I was going to give you my number but I forgot, sorry." Gianna, "No it's fine.

" He was nervous and didn't know what to say or ask.

So he just went with the classic, "So how was your day?" They talked until 8 in the evening and to end the conversation Gianna said, "Well I'm going to go take a shower and go to sleep. Bye.

" Nate was a bit sad that it had to end but said, "Ok see you tomorrow." So he decided to get ready for bed too. It didn't take him long to get ready and was soon in bed.

He went to sleep but he then had a nightmare. He was sitting in class on what seemed like a normal day.

But soon things started to get darker but nonetheless he was called up to the front to answer a question. He did the best he could to answer and sat back down.

The teacher then pointed out that it was wrong. Which, was more then enough embarrassment for him.

But to make things worse it kept getting darker and soon the other students started making fun of him and calling him names. The students faces were blank like a monster with no face.

They laughed and gathered around him. All he could do was put put his hands over his ears but he could still hear them.

He looked up and saw Gianna standing there but instead of helping him she just turned his back and walked away. It hurt more then the others laughing.

After he saw that he put his head down and just gave up. But not to long after that he was awakened by his sister who pushed him out of bed and said, "Hey jackass get up.

" He had fallen on his stomach and was facing away from her and she asked, "Are you awake?" He groaned and lifted up his hand and did a thumbs up.

His sister, "Ok good now make me some breakfast. Eggs and toast will be fine." She said as she got off his bed and walked back to her room. Nate got up and said, "That little brat.

" He got up and went downstairs to start on breakfast. His parents were working over time today so they weren't home. So Nate only had fo make breakfast for him and his sister Nataliya.

It didn't take him long to get done. But he didn't want to be bothered and decided to eat by himself first then called his sister down when he was done.

She looked puzzled a bit cause her food was the only one down. She asked, "Wait aren't you going to eat with me?" Nate, "No I ate already.

" His sister was visibly mad and said, "Jackass I wanted to eat with you." Nate, "Well I'm sorry but I'd rather eat by myself.

" He said and went up to his room but before he did he saw that his sister was not mad but a little sad.

He got to his room and couldn't shake the sight of how sad his sister looked and said, "Ahhh I really messed up this time." So he got ready and waited for his sister to go to her room.

It took a bit but she finally went to her room and so he snuck out of his and went out. He went down to the mall to get a gift for his sister since he felt bad for what he did.

He was there walking around and decided to get a drink. He got an iced tea and started browsing through the stores to see what he could get her. But as he was walking he saw Gianna.

She was walking by herself looking at the stores. He was going to go see her but he froze a bit after remembering his dream from last night.

He was going to turn around and walk in a different direction but sighed and shook his head. He turned around again and walked up to Gianna.

He touched her shoulder and said, "Hey fancy seeing you here." He said with a smile. She looked at him and said, "Oh hi." Without any expression on her face whatsoever.

She then asked, "What are you doing here?" It made her sound a bit surprised to see him but he couldn't quite tell.

He then replied, "Well I was here looking for a gift for my sister since I kind of made her upset earlier." Gianna, "Oh really. Do you need some help.

" He thought about it for a second and said, "Yea I would love some help." She said, "Ok well what does she like?" Nate then said, "Well she likes dolphins I guess.

" Gianna thought for a it then said, "Hmm ok follow me." She started walking and Nate followed her. She took him to the second floor to a small shop that sold little trinkets.

They walked in and it was a quiet shop that had a very relaxing atmosphere. They walked around inside a bit and then came upon a shelf.

The shelf had some small glass figures on it and on the third shelf it had 3 blue glass dolphins. The 3 were small but 2 were bigger than one of them signifying that it was a small family.

Nate looked at it and Gianna said, "This should work. Right?" He looked at her and said, "Yea thanks.

" So he went up to the cashier and told them what he wanted and the cashier got it for him and rang up the total. Nate paid for it and him and Gianna walked out.

Nate was very grateful for her help so he said, "I really appreciate you helping me with this. So uhh do you want to get something to eat. My treat. It's the least I can do for you help.

" She looked at him and said in a monotone voice, "Sure ok." Nate was glad she said yes so they walked down to the food court.

When they got there Nate said, "You can get anything you want it's on me." She looked at all the little outlets and decided to get some pizza.

She ordered a medium personal sized pizza and Nate got a sub sandwich. They sat down at a table and started to eat.

It was a silent lunch and hardly said anything to each other but Nate was glad he could eat with her.

Nate was done eating first and asked, "So uhh you going to go home now or are you going to still browse a bit." Gianna had her mouthful and was mid chew and swallowed quickly and said, "No I was

about to go home when you found me. So I'll probably just go home after this. Nate, "Oh well do you want to walk home together then?" Gianna, "Sure ok." Nate was happy about it and said, "Ok we'l

l leave after you are done eating." He said and waited a little before she got done and were on their way. They then started to have a small chat talking about their morning and soon they got to

the 4 way and had to go their separate ways. Nate stopped and this time remembered something important. Gianna was about to walk away when Nate said, "Wait do you want my phone number?" Gianna lo

oked at him and said, "Oh sure." Nate then told her his phone number and she said, "Thanks so you at school monday." Nate waved and said, "Yea see you monday." And they went their separate ways.

He looked at his phone and said Gianna's number and couldn't help but smile. He then go home and it was a little past 1. He walked in and his sister came down the stairs and said, "Where have you

been?" Nate, "I went to the mall got a problem with that?" Nataliya, "Yes you didn't even tell me you ass." Nate held up a takeout bag and said, "Well I got you some food will that make up for i

t." Nat smiled and said, "Yea it definitely will." She grabbed the bag and before she took off Nate said, "Hold up. I felt bad for what I did this morning so I got you this as well." He pulled ou

t a little box and handed it to her. She looked a bit puzzled and Nate said, "Well open it." She opened it slowly and saw the dolphins inside. She actually got a little teary eyed and said, "Than

ks." She turned around and went to her room wiping away the tears as she went up the stairs. Nate was happy about that and he also went to his room and laid down and thought about his day. He enj

oyed it a lot especially being able to see Gianna. But as he thought about it. He noticed that she hardly smiled at all. Even when she saw him. It made him question if she found him a nuisance or

just isn't at all excited to be with him. And because of that it made him think of his nightmare and thought she might just end up leaving him soon. He thought about that the rest of the afterno

on and couldn't shake the thought. But it was soon night and he decided not to think about it anymore or else he'd end up too depressed. So he got ready for bed and went to sleep.

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