It's fine if I'm not her first Pt. 1
It's fine if I'm not her first Pt. 1 drama stories

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So yea sorry for always jumping around from story to story but right now I wanted to write about something more deep and more interesting. But thank you all for being patient with me. And I'll make sure to commit to this story from start to finish.

It's fine if I'm not her first Pt. 1

"Agh damn today was another long day. But I still have one more important thing to do." Nate, said as he got up from his desk. He was an 11th grader at NorthMount High.

It was the end of the day and was on his way out of class. He hardly had any friends so he usually just went home by himself but today was different.

He walked down the hall trying to avoid people the best he could. He was very shy and timid but right now he was on a mission to meet someone else.

He went down the stairs and around the back of the school. It was a bit old fashioned but he was on his way to confess to a girl he had a crush on for awhile.

Her name was Gianna and he left a letter for her in her locker before school started since her was usually there before she was. He made his way towards the back of the school near the gazebos.

He got there as quickly as he could and when he rounded the corner he was surprised that she was there first. He was nervous and was sweating a bit.

His hands were clammy and he had a lump in his throat that he couldn't get down. He took a deep breath and approached her.

She was a cool beauty. She had Hazel eyes and light Auburn hair. But she wasn't really expressive and showed no emotion on her face whatsoever.

Nate approached with a visible sign of nervousness but she showed none at all and so he stopped and looked at her and asked, "Would you please go out with me Gianna.

" He closed his eyes after saying that already expecting to be rejected because first off he knew that he was rushing things to much.

Also they hardly knew each other so everything was stacked against him but. Gianna, "Yea, I'll go out with you.

" Nate was very surprised to hear that and he opened his eyes but he was hit with another surprise. Gianna, "But I gotta to tell you though. I'm not a virgin.

" That shocked him even more to the point he thought this wasn't real but it was.

And to throw him off even more was that she said it with such lack of emotion that it almost felt like a robot said it. He shook his head bit in disbelief.

At first he felt a little weird about it. He chest felt a bit tight but she spoke again. Gianna, "Is that ok with you?" That snapped him out of his daze a bit and he said, "Yea that's fine.

" He said with a soft smile. At first he thought she was lying to deceive him that she wasn't a virgin.

But a day had passed after his confession and she didn't say she was joking or anything like that afterwards so it slowly sank in that it was true.

Not only that but he actually heard rumors that she had slept around prior to asking her out but didn't believe them. So first off he was already faced with a tough obstacle.

For him this was his first relationship and he in fact was still a virgin himself so all this was new to him and it was wracking his brain and didn't know what to do.

But class was soon over and this was their first official day of them going out so he like any guy would he wanted to walk with her after school.

So he got to the gate of the school and waited for her. He kept thinking of what to do until she showed up.

And he saw her walking towards him and decided not to exactly forget it but to push it aside for now. He waved to her and she walked up to him and they started walking.

He was very nervous walking with her. She was beautiful and yet she was going out with a boring guy like me he thought to himself.

They walked together in dead silence until he spotted a cafe and got the courage to ask her, "Hey do you have any place you want to go to?

" She looked at him and with no emotion whatsoever said, "No.

" He was puzzled and then looked around and said, "Do you maybe want to go to that cafe?" She looked at the place and looked back at him and said, "Sure.

" So they walked over to the cafe and sat at a table.

They soon got tended to by a waitress who took their order and for someone who didn't seem very keen on going somewhere she ordered very quick as if she knew what she wanted.

He found that a bit odd. But they finished ordering and got their drinks. They both took a sip of their drinks.

And Gianna asked with an expressionless face, "So do you want to go to a hotel or did you want to do it at your home after this.

" Nate was in the middle of taking a sip of her drink when she said that and he almost spat it out.

But instead he just swallowed it and coughed a little and said, "What?" He knew what she was implying but he wanted to make sure she was saying what he thought she was saying.

So she repeated herself, "I said do you want to do it in a hotel or at your place." His mouth was slightly open and said, "No I don't.

I just wanted to eat something with you before we went home." She was confused by this and tilted her head to side a bit. Then said, "Ok." She showed a bit of emotion there but not to much.

And by that he could tell that what he said was a first for her. It was silent for a bit after that until the food came.

Once it came they started eating and in the middle of it Nate decided to make a little small talk.

So Nate asked, "So how was your day?" Gianna was in the middle of chewing and swallowed and said, "It was fine." Then she continued eating.

And after that they sat in silence for the rest of the meal. Nate was so nervous and was really thrown off by her remarks but still he did he best to keep his composure.

They started walking back home again he was fidgeting a bit wondering if it was a bit to early to start holding hands.

But Gianna realized it and held out her hand and said, "Do you want to hold hands?

" Nate was surprised and all he could say was, "Uhh" she then looked at him and said, "I noticed you kept putting your hand in and out of your pocket and figure you wanted to hold hands.

" She said still holding out her hand. He was nervous and his cheeks got red a bit and he reached out his hand to hers and held it.

They walked for a bit and she finally said something, "This is weird." And he thought at first that she was talking about going out with him.

Or that he was weird but she continued, "I've never really held hands like this with a guy before." Nate was puzzled and asked, "What do you mean.

" She looked at him with emotionless eyes, "I mean by now the guy would have already taken me somewhere else to do something but you're different.

" He didn't know how to talk this but he smiled and said, "Thanks." After that she looked forward and continued walking.

They then went their separate ways at a 4 way street and they walked back home.

Nate looked at his hand and his face was red and thought, "This was my first time really holding hands with a girl. Let alone one that's my girlfriend.

" He was actually happy and soon actually came to terms with her not being a virgin but something still bothered him though about what had happened but he couldn't quite yet put his finger on

it yet.

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