Everyday Life of a Writer Pt. 2
Everyday Life of a Writer Pt. 2 comedy stories

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It is six days later and Oren is still waiting for the results of the judging. Not only that but he has an upcoming duel with none other then his friend Justin's girlfriend Melissa. Who will win and what will be the result of the judging find out now in this exciting part of Everyday Life of a Writer. I hope you all enjoy.

Everyday Life of a Writer Pt. 2

*Six days later* Oren slowly walked out of the house looking dead tired because for the past few days he has been really nervous wondering if his story will make it through judging.

He walked shoulders slumped as he made his way to school. He was soon meet by his best friend Justin and his girlfriend Melissa.

Oren didn’t pay attention to anyone since he was just on autopilot. Justin tried snapping him out of it, “Oren. Helloooo Oren snap out of it.” Oren wasn’t fazed and kept walking.

Justin sighed and grabbed his water bottle that he had and opened it and splashed it on Oren.

The blast of water snapped Oren out of his daze and looked at Justin and said, “What the heck was that for?

” Justin, “Well you weren’t responding to anything else so I had to take desperate measures.” Oren, “Ok fair enough.

” Justin, “What’s wrong with you anyways?” Oren, “Well I submitted a story last week and the judging is today and I was too nervous to sleep.

” Justin, “Why you always enter into these contests a lot so what’s the big deal with this one.” Oren, “Well this is a big contest.

Whoever wins this one will be able to have it picked up by the publishing company and serialized.” Justin, “I don’t know what that means but it sounds big.

” Melissa, “Justin, it means that if he wins his story will be published by. Wait which, company was doing the contest?” Oren, “It is being run by Steel Book publishing.

” Melissa, “Holy crap isn’t that a big publishing company?” Oren, “Yea it is hence why I am so nervous. If I were to be picked up by them I’m pretty much on my way to becoming a legit Author.

” Melissa, “Wow that’s pretty big. If I were you I’d be just as nervous if not more.” Justin, “Ok wow yea now I know why you are nervous.”

They talked a bit more until they finally reached the school.

Justin, “Anyways me and Melissa are going to get some breakfast in the cafeteria you want join us?” Oren, “Nah I’m going to go to class and take a power nap before class starts.

” Justin, “Alright see you in class.” Melissa, “Oh yea remember we have our duel at lunch.” Oren, “Yea I won’t forget…Hopefully.” Melissa, “You better not.” Oren, “Fine, fine I won’t.

” Oren then walked off to class as the two lovebirds went to breakfast. He made it to class and sat on his desk and put his head down and went to sleep.

He slept until class started that was when Justin smacked him on the back waking him up. Oren was in pain but awake for the rest of the morning until lunch time rolled around.

Oren was already drained at this point having pushing himself to stay wake all morning.

Oren barely got up from his desk since he was so comfy there and wanted to sleep but he couldn’t back out of his duel with Melissa.

Oren and Justin made their way to the cafeteria and Melissa met them there. They all ate together and soon after went out to the benches under a tree in the courtyard.

They all sat down and Melissa and Oren got out their 3ds and started up their games and started playing Pokémon. They both connected and soon enough they were having their very intense duel.

Melissa was the first to start and she started with one of her strongest Pokémon.

Oren organized his team from weakest to strongest so it was inevitable that half his team would be wiped out in the first few rounds. They both were getting really into it.

While Justin sat by sitting there thinking, “I’m friends with a bunch of kids.” And he sighed but he still enjoyed watching those two enjoy themselves.

Now Oren had two Pokémon left and Melissa had three. That was when Melissa took down Oren’s second to last Pokémon leaving him with only one.

Oren then started to make a comeback as he then too down two of the three Pokémon Melissa had left.

It was now a 1v1 battle and Oren’s last Pokémon they both were the same type so it was done to who could pull off the best combo of attacks.

Oren and Melissa were looking at their games intensely as the final bout started. They both were wearing each other’s Pokémon’s health down.

Oren had only one attack that affected Melissa’s Pokémon. He only had one last chance to pull off the win if he was able to land a critical hit.

So he prayed and pressed on the attack and it hit and Melissa’s Pokémon’s health started to go down and was almost K’O but it held on and Melissa did he attack and took out Oren’s last Pokémon.

Oren had lost and he was like, “Damn I was so close.” Melissa, “Ha yes I won dear god that was stressful but extremely fun. Now you owe me a drink.

” Oren, “Ok fine what do you want?” Melissa, “Just get me a fruit punch.” Oren, “Alright one fruit punch coming right up.” Justin, “You guys are dorks I swear.” And shook his head and laughed.

That was when Melissa laughed and said, “But you still love us.” She then leaned in and gave him a kiss. Oren, “Ok love birds don’t get too lovey-dovey while I’m gone.”

Oren walked over to the vending machines and saw Bethany who is one of the most popular girls at school. She is very refined and kind to everyone.

She so happened to be at the very same vending machines that he was going to but he honestly couldn’t care at all. He walked right up to the vending machine next to the one she was at.

He got to the machine and put in the money to get a fruit punch and put it in and pressed the code to get it.

That was when he got a ding on his phone and saw that he got an email from Steel Book.

He opened it up and saw that his book had made it through the first round of judging and that it is now one of the finalists in the competition.

He got excited and yelled out and ran back towards his friends leaving the fruit punch behind. Bethany looked at him weird as he ran away.

But she saw the fruit punch come out and grabbed it and waited to see if he would comeback but he didn’t. So she took it with her just in case she saw him again.

Oren ran towards Justin and Melissa and said, “Guys, guys I got pass the first round. I just now got the email.” Justin, “Wow man that’s awesome.” Melissa, “Yea congrats.

By the way where is my fruit punch?” Oren, “Ahhhh I forgot it back at the vending machines. I promise I’ll get you one tomorrow.

” Melissa, “Alright fine since you got past the first round I can let it slide.

” Oren was still very excited and said, “Yea thanks the final round will be judged later on today and the results will be posted tomorrow morning.

” Justin, “So another sleepless night huh?” Oren, “Yes another sleepless night but hopefully it’ll be worth it.” Justin, “Well you are lucky since it is Saturday so you’ll be ok.

” Melissa, “Hey what if we go out to eat tomorrow afternoon just in case you win and celebrate?” Justin, “Yea that’s a great idea what do you say Oren?

” Oren, “Yea sure and if I lose I can just cry tears into my food.” Justin, “That’s a little depressing but ok.

” They all agreed and made plans to meet at a pizza place in town tomorrow at 2 p.m.

Lunch soon ended afterwards and they went to class and Oren was nervous throughout the day and into the evening.

He then got home and went into his room to play games and to keep his mind busy so he won’t go crazy with nervousness.

He played all evening and most of the night until 3 in the morning when he got too tired to stay awake. He went to bed laid down and was soon asleep.

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