Everyday life of a potion shop owner Pt. 2
Everyday life of a potion shop owner Pt. 2 fantasy stories

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Here is Part 2. I hope you all enjoy my new series. And please leave a like and comment.

Everyday life of a potion shop owner Pt. 2

Greyson walked back to his shop, with his cleaning supplies in tow. He walked in and immediately started on the cleaning. First he wanted to sweep the floors so he got the broom.

He started from the back of the shop and swept the dirt and whatever was on the floor towards the front of the shop.

He created a little pile of dirt and dust and from there he swept the entire bottom floor adding to the pile.

By the end he had created a small mound of all the debris and such in the middle of the room. He then started to sweep it towards the door making sure he left none of it behind.

Once he got to the door he swept it out onto the street. The wind took care of the rest and made quick work of the small mound. He then went up stairs to the kitchen to see if the sink worked.

He turned the knob and lo and behold water came out. At first it came in spurts and blasted out air as the water pushed out the air in the pipes.

Then after a moment of that water started to flow normally. He then put the bucket under the water and filled it up a bit. Then he grabbed the rags and placed it in the bucket to get it wet.

He went back down stairs to start wiping off all the dust on everything. He started with the counters the slowly worked his way to selves on the wall.

He stepped on a stool that was in the shop and wiped off the top of the shelves. As he cleaned he had to change out the water a couple of times since it would be murky after awhile.

It took a bit to wipe down all the shelves and once he was done with that, he wiped down everything else that was there. He the started on the room in the corner of the bottom floor.

He wiped down everything in there which, was a few bookshelves and a desk. There wasn't much in there so he was done quickly. He then moved on to the storage.

There was only a few crates in there as well as a shelf and a table. He also wiped down the potions that were in the crate to get them ready to sell so he wouldn't have to do it later.

Once he was done in there he started on the upstairs. He started sweeping and wiping everything down. Once he was half way done it was a little after noontime.

So he decided to stop and get something to eat. He still had some GP left over from the purchase of the house. It was enough to last him another month of he spent it wisely.

He walked down the street of the business district and saw many food vendors selling delicious smelling food. As he walked he was soon enticed by the smell of grilling meat.

He followed the scent to a small stall that had a few tables for customers to sit at and eat. He walked up and saw a tall burly man grilling a very juicy looking slab of meat.

He was just about done when Greyson came walking up to him. Greyson starred at the meat for a bit then he looked at the menu.

He saw a combo for a slab of meat grilled to your desire along with a side of potatoes and dessert. It was a bit expensive at the cost of 50 SP but it looked very good.

He decided to order it and soon his food was grilling.

The owner of the shop had to take care of some other business as a shipment if meat came in so he yelled for his daughter, "Mirim come here and finish this order for me". Mirim, "Ok dad.

" She came out from the building that the vendor was in front of and she stepped up to the grill and took her fathers place.

She had black hair that she had tied up into a ponytail as well as brown eyes and looked petite. But as soon as she stepped up to the grill she started cooking up a storm.

At the same time she was working on the other getting the potatoes ready. It was boiling on a separate burner and was soon done as well.

She then put the potatoes on the plate and handed it over to Greyson who was very surprised at how well she cooked everything.

Mirim brought the plate over to Greyson and said, "Once you are done with that, we will bring out your choice of dessert." She then gave him a smile. Greyson, "Ok thanks.

" He grabbed the plate which, had a fork and knife stabbed into the meat. He then started eating and cut into the meat which, sliced very easily.

He then put the piece of meat into his mouth and a burst of flavor rushed over his tastebuds. He cool taste the smokey flavor from the wood as well as the spices that was used.

Not only that but the meat melted in his mouth with each bite. After that first bite he began to scarf it down since he was hardly use to this kind of cooking.

He was soon done with his food and Mirim walked over and asked, "So how was the food dear customer?

" Greyson looked at her and said, "Oh wow it was very delicious I practically cleaned my plate." Mirim, "Well I hope you saved room for dessert.

We have a selection of baked goods such as pie and cake." Greyson thought for a bit then said, "I'll take a pie." Mirim nodded and went inside to get a pie for him.

He sat there for bit but soon Mirim came walking out with a golden pie slice. It had some apple filling and was very delicious looking. She put the pie on the table and said, "Enjoy.

" She walked off back to the grill as some more customers had shown up. Greyson then soon started eating the pie. He used his fork to cut a piece of the pie off and put it in his mouth.

The pie was sweet but not to overwhelming and also had slight sour flavor to it. Not only that but the crust was so flaky it was a pie lover's dream. He was soon finished with it.

Mirim was busy with the cooking so another lady came to tend to him and Greyson payed for the meal and was about to walk off when he heard a yelp coming from behind him.

He turned around rushed back over to the restaurant. There he saw Mirim bent over clutching her arm crying in pain. Her mother who was inside at the time came out to see what had happened.

She looked at her daughter who was in pain and rushed over to her and looked at he injury and yelled out to her younger son who came out and said to him,

"Hurry and get a healer over here quickly." He nodded and ran off to find the nearest healer. She managed to get Mirim to her feet to take her inside.

Greyson was new to this place and didn't know exactly if he should help or not. He thought about it and decided to help them and rushed inside behind them.

He saw Mirim's mom go into the back to get something for Mirim. Greyson walked over to Mirim and said, "I'm here to help. I know healing magic." He said as he kneeled in front of her.

He then asked, "May I see your injury?" She was crying profusely as she was in a lot of pain. She then nodded and slowly moved her hand to reveal a terrible burn.

He skin was blistering already and was very red. It looked like a 3rd degree burn to Greyson ,he winced a bit since it looked very painful and it was.

The burn covered the back of her hand and all the way up her forearm.

As he was examining the injury her mom came out of the kitchen with ice and reacted as any parent would and went over to Mirim and Greyson and said in a stern voice, "What are you doing?

" Greysoj looked at her and replied, "Well Ma'am I am trying to help you daughter." Her mom, "Well you aren't going to help much unless you know healing magic.

" Greyson replied with, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't." He said and then looked at Mirim and said, "Ok, this is going to hurt for a bit so bear with me.

" She nodded and he put his hand out and soon his eyes started to glow as magic began flowing through his body. His hand soon started to emit a green light which, soon covered Mirim's burn.

She yelped a bit as she felt immense pain but soon her arm was being soothed as the magic was starting to work. Her skin started become less red and the blistering was going away.

Slowly but surely the redness of her skin was fading. It didn't take long for her arm to be healed good as new. The pain on Mirim's face went away as she was surprised that it healed so quickly.

She rubbed her finger where the burn was and felt like it never happened at all. Greyson stood up and said, "There good as new." Mirim looked at him and said, "Thanks.

" And before he could reply her mom walked up to him and grabbed his hand and shook it and said, "Thank you so much for your help. I'm sorry got mad at you.

I was just worried about my daughter." Greyson, "No it's fine really. I just did what any person would do." He was modest and didn't really know how to handle compliments since he rarely heard th

em. Her mom, "If there is anything we can do to repay you. You name it. We can pay you a lot if you want." Greyson shook his head, "No it's not necessary you don't have to pay me back for anythin

g." Her mom, "No we insist. We love are daughter a lot and we wouldn't be able to live with ourselves if anything were to happen to her. So it's the least we can do." Greyson was hesitant but kne

w that he wouldn't be able to change her mind so he said, "Ok fine. How about you repay me with one free meal from here. Since your food is so delicious I can't pass it up." The mother had a surp

rised look on her face since most people go for the money and said, "No problem consider it done." She said with a smile. Mirim was just sitting there not able to get a word in as her mom was a v

ery talkative person. She just shook her head and face palmed. Greyson then said, "Anyways I got to go. I have to finish cleaning my new shop and I want to finish before sundown." Mirim, "Oh real

ly you oen a shop?" Greyson looked at her and said, "Yea I just recently purchased it and need to clean it out." Mirim, "Oh what kind of shop is it?" Greyson, "It is a potion shop but I haven't s

tocked it with anything yet." Before Mirim could ask another question her mom said, "That's swell. We better let you finish your cleaning before we take up anymore of your time. Thanks again for

helping." Greyson, "Yea no problem I was glad to help." Mirim, "Yea thank you so much come again." Greyson, "I will." He then turned was out the door heading back to his shop.

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