Everyday life of a potion shop owner pt. 1
Everyday life of a potion shop owner pt. 1 comedy stories
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Here is my new series about the everyday life of a potion shop owner. I hope you all enjoy.

Everyday life of a potion shop owner pt. 1

*Thud* was the sound the stamp made as it hit the parchment indicating that Greyson was now the proud owner of a building realtor, "There you go. You are now the proud owner of a potion shop.

Good luck you are going to need it." Greyson, "Thanks mister." He had been saving up for a long time to make this possible.

He was an adventurer most of his life but decided to finally settle down at the age of 22 and decided to open his own shop.

During his adventures he was a healer and knew a lot of healing spells and not to mention learned a lot about mixing and creating potions.

All that experience would be very helpful in his new adventure as a shop owner. He exited the realtor's building that he bought his shop from and made his way to his new place.

It was in the business district which, was on the other side of city. The city he decided to settle down in was know as Steel Tree.

It had a long history and was built around a magical tree that was made of steel.

Greyson walked down the streets since this was his first time in the city and wanted to know where everything was before he went to his new shop.

He took his time walking down the streets but he soon was able to find his shop. He got his key and unlocked the door and opened it to find a empty dusty building.

He like a candle that was sitting on the counter of the building. It had shelves but it was all covered in dust. The shelves went around the entire room except the front of the building.

The front had two bay windows with space to display items and such for customers who pass by. He had a lot of work ahead of him to clean and get everything in order.

Some of the shelves were a bit in disrepair and need to be fixed in order to be useful and not let the potions slide off and drop to the floor and bust.

There was also a big shelf in the middle of the room which, like everything else in the building was covered in dust. Greyson then walked upstairs to the to see what was there.

He got to the top and saw that there was a bedroom for him to stay in and attached to that was a kitchen and next to the kitchen was the bathroom.

The bedroom had a small bed that had to be cleaned. So he put his backpack down on the bed and when he did a puff of dust came out and filled the room.

He coughed and sneezed and then quickly opened a window. All the dust flowed out of the room as he coughed and tried to get air.

He then decided to air out the rooms and started opening every window upstairs.

He grabbed a cloth from his backpack and covered his mouth with it and said, "Ah shit I am definitely going to need to take a hot bath after this.

" His Auburn hair was covered in dust and was turned grey from how much settled on his head. He then decided to head downstairs to finish looking around.

He saw a hallway that was beside the staircase and walked down it. It was a small hallway that had a large room on the Left and a storage area to the right underneath the stairs.

He went into the storage area and saw some crates inside with bottles inside. He thought he'd find them empty but they had a slight glow to them indicating that they still had liquids in them.

He walked over and brought them our and saw that they were healing potions with the tag of 15 GP. He looked at the bottle it was kinda big and said, "Wiw 15 gold for this.

It must've been some high quality stuff." He looked at it more and then opened one and smelled it. The potion smelled a little sweet indicating it was a healing potion.

He decided to take a little sip of it.

He immediately felt himself feel rejuvenated and looked at the bottle and said, "Oh fuck how the hell did this person go out of business if the potions were this good.

" He decided to put it away since he could sell it later. He the went into he other room and thought about making it into storage as well but waited to make a decision on it yet.

But right now he had a lot of work ahead since he needed to clean the shop very throughly and make everything look nice and clean.

He went up to the bedroom and grabbed a gold pouch and a bandana and covered his hair with it.

He went outside to one of the other shops there and bought some cleaning supplies such as a broom, rags, a mop, and some buckets The shop owner said,

"I haven't seen your gqve here before you must be new." Greyson, "Yea I barely bought that shop over there.

" He said as he pointed to it shop owner, "Oh really what are you planning to sell?" Greyson then replied, "Oh potions.

" Shop owner laughed and said, "Well all I have to say is good luck with that." Greyson sensed the pity in his voice and said, "Ol thanks.

" Shop owner, "By the way I'm Richard of you ever need anymore cleaning supplies other knickknacks come to me. I'll be happy to help you.

" Greyson, "Ok I'll make sure to come straight you when I need more cleaning supplies". He then took what he bought back to his shop and started wondering why everyone was feeling pity for him.

First the Realtor and now a shop owner. He shrugged it off since he needed to start the long hard process of cleaning.

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