Story Time!
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rickyrocks4ever I want to become a great writer
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I hope you find this funny because I do! enjoy!

By: RickyRocks4ever

Story Time!

by RickyRocks4ever

Well... I'm surprised you are reading this you see, I didn't think anyone would actually read this... so... what to write? I don't have any ideas so just stop reading, what? you wont? sigh...

okay fine, once there was a little girl with a green hood and she was called little green riding hood, what do you mean that's ridiculous?

! I'm doing FanFiction not copyright! Fine then I wont continue...

okay fine! Ill tell you the story of the twenty five little pigs, but you said I must continue and now you say Im being ridiculous again! sigh, tisk tisk tisk.

I don't know how your parents manage to tell you bed time stories. oh sorry! I'm sorry I didn't know you were to big for bed time stories! Well good bye and don't ask me for story time again!

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