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Standing at the beginning, looking at the future.


It's funny you know, how one minute I can be sullen, withdrawn, even blue.

And then, after a brief conversation with her, I am giddy with joy, emblazoned by hope, ready to take on the world. I guess that is Love.

She sets my world aright, with her smile, her tender words, her compassion.

Such is the power of love, even over a long distance.

I am amazed by her. Utterly and completely amazed.

Why would a woman such as her care for a man such as myself?

I am told that I look dignified, my gray hair and shaved chin have taken 10 years from my appearance and that the recent loss of weight has greatly improved my stature.

But I don't see myself that way.

But how does she see me?

I look into her eyes, and I can see the depth of her love for me.

I see her smile and I know the joy that is within her.

Being empathic, I can actually feel what she experiences, even from this distance. And knowing that allays my fears. all of them.

There is a trust here, shared between us that is inviolable, perhaps unbreakable.

I know what I want in the future. So does she.

We want to be US. United in matrimony, joined as one forever.

I want to watch her as we age, be with her in the good times, and stand even closer during the hard times.

I want to hold her hand as we walk, kiss her in the morning, and help her through the day. I long to share my life with her, my soul, my very essence. I want to be hers.

I do not say that I want her to be mine, for that would imply some sort of ownership. I do not seek to own her.

No, I want to be hers, to complement and supplement her life, to be what she needs when she needs it.

I want to lie down with her in the evening and awaken with her every morning.

To you, the reader, it sounds like a standard dream, the stuff of true love that befalls the young.

And that is how I feel when we are together, online or in person, it matters not, for we feel like the youth that surround us.

And we are both sixty years of age.

So yes, I am waiting, patiently, for the woman of my dreams to become the woman in my life.

I am waiting for that tomorrow.

I just wish it would get here a little faster.

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