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There is a calling of deep unto deep.
Can you feel it?


I am basically a nobody.

I tell people that I often regard myself as an invisible man, someone that no one sees, no one hears, no one really misses.

People that do want to see me only do so because they require my talent.

And when I am finished, I disappear again, forgotten.

It's a weird life, one that has been with me since my childhood.

There are a few souls that can see me, see who I really am, even engage me in conversation....

And when they do, it is enthralling.

We don't talk about the weather, or small things that make up life, no, we engage in philosophies that the world has yet to understand,

we plumb the depths of our beings and share the things that cause us to think even deeper.

Time and space around us simply cease as we are enraptured in the depths of our thoughts.

But these chance meetings are too few, too far between.

They serve a purpose, I guess. They seem to let me know that there are others out there, others like me, and that I am not alone...I am understood.

And I have a purpose.

What it is at this time, I do not know.

But I feel it calling.

Like the sirens that called out to the sailors of old legends, I feel it calling me.

Perhaps you feel it as well, that calling into something greater, something deeper, something far more grand than we are experiencing here.

There has to be others like me, I know. I have encountered them...

And I need one now. I need to know if there are others, if they know what it is that is coming.

Perhaps I am alone. Perhaps the deep will not answer.

That calling of deep unto deep that I feel, that I crave.

It is just there, on the Horizon, approaching.

See me. Please...I wish to be visible.

See me.

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