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The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.


"It's possible," I said, "I know it's possible."

"Can't be. No one could do it."

"I saw it. I swear she did it"

"No. No way. It's not possible."

He walked around it again, looking with his own eyes, trying to understand another way that this could be.

"Not possible."

"She did it, the proof is right here!"

"Yes, but HOW!"

"I told you!"

"No." Head shaking as he runs his hand over the smooth, unblemished surface. "That Doesn't make sense. I could probably understand it better if...."

He hesitated, not knowing exactly how to finish the thought.



"Why can't you believe your eyes?"

"I believe my eyes." He said, gazing up at me. "I believe it is here. But as to HOW it got here..."


"There has to be another way."

"Provide one."

"I can't."

"Then you simply have to believe."

"No. It is NOT possible!"

"But Here," I said, waving my hands over it, "How can you not believe it?"

"No one can do what it is that you are suggesting. No one."

"She did."

"No. It's a trick."

"A trick?"

"A trick. A deception, a ruse of some sort."

"You were here Yesterday, were you not?"


"And earlier today?"

"Of course"

"And was it here then?"

His brow furrowed deeply, closing his eyes, he placed his closed fist against his forehead.

As I watched, I imagined that I could hear the gears turning in his head, as he attempted to come up with another explanation. "Why can you not accept this?

"Because," He shouted looking at me from behind it, "It's not possible. If it were, then everybody could do it.

I thought about that for a minute before speaking again. Perhaps he was right. If Bianca could do it, then perhaps anyone else could do it as well...

"That is what holds you back from believing it?"

I ran my hand over the smooth surface, touching the coolness of it, feeling the dampness.

He will never accept it.

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