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A poem about inner turmoil and uncertainty

Miss You XO

I wish I could miss you like you miss me.

I wish we could both bask in this bittersweet separation.

I wish I yearned to hear your voice every day.

Why can't I feel how I should be feeling?

Instead, I feel fulfilled- light and free.

Are my feelings wrong? Can they be?

Should I be miserable- isolated and despairing?

Should I force myself to feel a certain way?

I'm afraid I'm an unfeeling monster.

Rather, my empathy can only reach strangers,

not my loved ones. It's unusual, isn't it?

But I've never refrained from being unusual.

As my inner feelings feud and clash,

can I try to be true to myself and decisive?

Or will I lose myself to my Truth,

and unintentionally lose you all as well?

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