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A poem about identity and individuality


We came into this world together.

First me, and second you.

In my mind a mirror appeared

When people started asking "who is who?"

The mirror was not really a mirror per se,

But a see-through glass pane

It retained the name of mirror because

It functioned just the same

When my hand moved, your hand moved

As if I was looking at a reflection.

We always moved with each other

Because of our connection.

In our world, we were always together,

And Loneliness was always alone.

It always kept its distance from us

Until the first rock was thrown

The first rock was an interest

That only I obtained.

The rock broke a shard off the mirror

And Loneliness's attention was gained.

The broken shard was just large enough

To allow us to glimpse through.

And when we saw each others' eyes we exclaimed,

"We are not one person, we are two!"

From that point on we had one desire

That we wanted to possess.

It was to shatter the mirror between us

And say hello to Loneliness.

Using many different means we cracked

The mirror bit by bit.

We wanted to find Loneliness

And get a taste of it.

For 17 long years we labored away

Until the mirror was rubble.

We looked at each other fully until I said,

"Was finding Loneliness worth the trouble?"

"I guess we'll find out," you said

As you went your own separate way.

I went my own way as well,

And Loneliness seemed to stay.

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