I Just Can't Stay Mad At You
I Just Can't Stay Mad At You anger stories

renmaisley finding my narrative foil
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A poem about anger and forgiveness

I Just Can't Stay Mad At You

I often try to take

an honest look at myself

in times of boredom or solemnity,

And these reflections often lead

To my own personal query:

"Why can't I stay mad at anyone?"

Any offense, be it large or small.

I just can't seem to stay mad

at the perpetrator for long.

I always say "I'm sorry" first.

Perhaps that is because I don't

Care enough about my esteem.

If that's the case, I'm angry.

What a sick twist of irony that is!

It seems I can't forgive myself.

But a trusted confidant once told me

Maybe I just don't get hung up on things.

And I would love if that were true.

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