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We jump like dolphins.


There is something beautiful about staring at the sea. I find it so scary, yet so endearing. There are so many species that haven't been discovered in our oceans. I wonder what is out there.

It's a windy day. Lots of clouds passing by on a light blue sky. Christmas time is nearing so I can feel the chills it brings for the holidays.

Today I stand here on this pier, thinking about life and how I haven't discovered many things in life yet. In a way, we have our oceans to swim on.

Is that why many people feel like they are drowning? How do we get through our oceans when there is a storm? Are we swimming or panicking on a boat?

The waters are not shaky these days. So it is nice to look at the ocean from this pier. I want to explore those waters, but I cannot breathe underwater.

I hold back a tiny scream when I see a fin show up near the pier.

Shark! Is what I think first.

I am wrong.

A dolphin! It's a dolphin!

Dolphins are so pretty and so smart.

I see three fins now, but I am no longer scared

One of the dolphins jumps! It looks happy from my eyes. I wonder what it feels like to jump in the water like a dolphin.

But...I can jump in the water like them! I really can! I do it all the time. We all do.

When I choose to try new food, I jump. When I baked brownies for that one boy, I jumped. When I raised my hand to present first, I jump. When I try out for a sport, I jump.

We have our owns oceans to jump in. Many times we feel the fun of those jumps. Other times a wave hits us on our faces afterward and it doesn't feel good.

We are just like dolphins jumping in the ocean.

When is my next jump?

The end

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