Immortal: ✓reminisce✓
         Immortal: ✓reminisce✓

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A cursed man with nothing to have nor anything to lose,
Yet one face enough to reminisce his memories of seemingly another life.

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Immortal: ✓reminisce✓

Main character: 1. Rave Ray 2. Anaya Warren 3. Alex Robson 'thoughts' "Dialogue"


Los Angeles, the city of dreams and desires,

Place where one come and run to live their life to fullest without any bounds and restrictions.

Place of neverending enjoyment, where night never get dark enough and party never stops.

So like everyone else, the multibillionare Rave Ray was also sitting in one the top night club of Los Angeles. Single man with enough power to shake the world yet unknown to whole world.

Its hard to remember when he actually started all of this but currently he held Dominion over the top arms industry in Europe and America, anonymously for sure.

Obviously it would be problematic to explain his work and even the possibility of it to the world that remains oblivious to his presence.

But human being a social creature inspite being cursed like him cannot sustain on his own without identity. So he openly runs private companies

He had his own way of maintaining his secrecy, obviously he have to get rid of his data every 40 years or so and move to another place, yet it was not much difficult for him anymore.

Government officials were all ready to do anything as long as they get to keep their continuous funding and media, well behind the curtain, media was no exception.

Afterall who doesn't want to have a rich life and money enough that sustain their lifetime.

So this remained his regular event which worked till this day and also because he rarely appeared in public events or got much in media drama.

But one thing he never changed even after centuries, and that was his name. He didn't knew why but he never felt right to let go of last thing from his real life.

So after moving from place to place, he decided to settle in California this time. And as usual he created his identity leading back to Europe.

It was not very difficult to create fake background. So after completing his identity data. He made his considerably small debut by purchasing a nearly bankrupt soft drink company.

And that was about 6 years back.

People currently knew him, that included only whom he wanted to know him, as Rave Ray, Managing Director of Ray consolidated.

And it gave him quite a rush. It had been a long time from when he used that name for one of his project.

In those six year, it's still a big awe to everyone as he managed to not only raise back the company from Debts but also increase its reach to other Field and as a result,

Ray consolidated was firmly supported group of companies by investors or even possible investors in and out. So identity problem for next 30 years was kind of settled for him.

And currently he was in Los Angeles. And as said, city lived up to its reputation.

So he was in one of the best night club of Los Angeles, enjoying his night oblivious to the storm that was facing and running toward him.

He was dancing with a girl whom he just met beside counter. She looked stunning in her very tempting v-neck dress and her over flaunting thighs, so after some chat he took her to the floor.

Loud music, drunken head plus hot girl always made best combination.

They were dancing closely, with his hand roaming from her back to her hips which she definitely liked.

So he decided to lean in to have a taste of her and just as their lips met, the slow burn turned in crazy make out.

So he just took her out of dance floor, making his way towards corner obviously somewhere secluded.

But as he was moving out of floor. His eyes caught something.

His heart skipped a beat, as he saw that face. But that couldn't have been true.

'Its definitely wine', he thought, so he shook his head and tried to look again. But still it was the same face.

"Let get to my room, we can make much more in there" Girl who was in his arms said in a tempting tone.

But his head was somewhere else. So before he knew he found himself moving toward that face.

'her face' thought kept ringing in his head.

And finally after some steps, amidst of crowd, he stood just behind her.

His heart was throbbing crazy but He slowly raised his hand to find it's place on her shoulder obviously making her turn back.

And as she turned back, in less than a second, his well settled life changed. Though for better or worse he had no idea.

'But how could it be true She is dead for centuries'

'is it true , is it really true',

He could not believe if that was her or just someone whom he desperately wanted her to to be. But she looked just like her.

Centuries and yet nothing changed, his eyes still in search of her, his heart still in her grasp.

"Azania" he uttered,

Word came out on their own, he couldn't stop himself. He could see her perplexed look.

"No, I am Anaya" she said in her soft voice,

'Her voice', he tried to remember, but worst part was he couldn't remember. He didn't knew how many centuries have passed.

'But her voice must have been just as soft and soothing as this girl' he thought.

She was slightly hesitant, obviously as the man in her front looked drunk but he was good looking for sure. But doesn't change the fact that guy was staring at her like an idiot.

Rave didn't knew what to say, he didn't knew what to do but all his sense told him that she's not Nia.

So he tried to compose himself as best as he could.

"Oh. Sorry, I thought you are someone else, just reminded me of someone from long long ago" he said boring his eyes into hers.

But Suddenly he felt someone pull him back.

"Where are you running handsome, we have lot more left." Same girl from before said seductively,

normally it would have been enough for him to fuck her until she sees stars in daylight but right there his mind was not at right place and neither was his heart.

So he said something that was really unusual for him.

"Maybe next time, babe" he answered, which clearly shocked the girl in his front, making her face turned red in anger.

But he had no time for her. He didn't care, so he turned back to see the face he dreamt for centuries.

But she was gone. He tried to look amidst the crowd, turning around to get just one more look at her but Obviously she had left yet he wasn't done.

He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.

But one thing was crystal, whatever the reason or consequence, he needed to see her again, he needed to get to know her.

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