"Take Me"
"Take Me" woven/ bountiful stories

rbb1010 Writing, a wonderful way to express..!
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Love is one of the strongest forces, penetrates both heart and soul, affects both spirit and flesh. Love can be one of the most fulfilling and refreshing or the most depressing and hurtful things, hope your love rich, fresh, and fulfilling!

"Take Me"

Take me to your heart Dilusions of love disappear Core of love from there must start If your heart, nothing interfere Life's blood from there flows and love a heart knows

Take me to your soul a spiritual place unexplained Entwined heart and soul a mystery how the spirit can the flesh influence the soul at times untamed take me to a place your love serious

Take me down so deep that each our souls and hearts entangled where love takes our breath away woven, two become one and bountiful love reap feelings so strong leaving nothing to say Take me to where our only priority is love keep!

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