The Walker
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The story of a walker

The Walker

by RatedEG

Some prefer walks by the salty ocean,

Some prefer walks where they watch as the sun goes down,

Some prefer to stay indoors where it's safe and warm.

Im different from those. I sought comfort under the stars,

By lakes where the nature kisses the earth,

Where the flowers grow free in the crisp mountain air.

They say everyone makes mistakes, and now I have made mine.

And my single mistake cost me my life.

No longer will I take walks in beautiful parks,

Or roam the mountain-tops where the sun rises in the sky,

Or follow the rivers through forests to the mighty ocean.

I was never one to live in cities where the air is polluted.

Nature was where I called my home,

and it is now where I rest.

I fell down a slope, dying on impact. I never had a chance.

But I'm not sad. I'm not sad at all. In fact, I'm happy.

Now I am able to walk among the stars in the glorious sky.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
Damn, I hate cities. But you have hit on an important note in this beautifully written piece. You only get one mistake in the wild, your last mistake. Great job!!!!!!