The Journey
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We all walk a journey, a journey called life

The Journey

by RatedEG

There are many journeys to take in this world.

Journeys to find thrill.

Journeys to find excitement.

Journeys to find danger.

Journeys to find love.

But there is a journey we all take, and these journeys are as different as you and I.

The journey to find ourselves.

The journeys we take to find ourselves, to find who we truly are inside.

This journey we take causes us to struggle relentlessly, sometimes even to cause us wanting to give up.

But those who survive this journey are strong individuals who know who they are.

They are not defined as the 'rich kid' or the 'nerd'.

They are not defined as 'weak' or 'strong'.

They are who they are. And you are who YOU are.

Follow your journey, walk the path ahead of you.

This is your journey. Don't let others walk it for you.

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This was a very charming philosophical piece. I enjoyed the uplifting choice of words. Great post!!!