Breaking Forever
Breaking Forever vday2017 stories

ratedeg **Wattpad Writer** Rated_EG
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Who said Valentine's Day is always a happy one

Breaking Forever

by RatedEG

You were there when I had my first heartbreak.

You were there when I was at my lowest.

You were there when I was at my happiest.

You were always there for me,

Making me smile with the littlest things you do.

Slowly I fell for you, and I believed you fell for me too.

You were many of my firsts, and I believed I was yours too.

But I guess your secret slipped out.

I heard your friends talking; you never liked me.

You promised me a forever,

a forever where we would be together.

But you broke it, you broke my forever.

And you also broke my heart.

I guess nothing really lasts forever.

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