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randomwriter I hope you have a nice day! ♡
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your story

filled with words, lacking meaning

just some trash that needs some cleaning

wrinkled and ruined with countless tears

lacking will to even climb the stairs

bloody with stains of indelible ink

mind too foggy to clearly think

seeing no future, just unending pain

life a sad story with nothing to gain

but it's ours to write

now summon up some fight

paper's still precious, even flawed and marred

now continue on writing, though I know it's hard

don't ever give up on your paper. on life. you've still got a story to write, and it can have happy moments and times when things go well. but not if you crumple up the paper and give up. there's still hope. keep on writing your story.

love y'all, stay safe! i hope your day is lovely and you're doing well ♡

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